Advanced LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

Have you already implemented the basics of LinkedIn marketing for your business? Then this post on more advanced LinkedIn marketing strategies is just the thing you need.

LinkedIn has transformed from a mere professional networking site to an enormous world force. It has millions of professionals in one place, presenting a huge opportunity for marketers to gain business leads making LinkedIn marketing a major necessity for every business.

Almost every business or professional has a LinkedIn account. The unfortunate thing is that with most, the effort  ends there; just a profile to show that you are part of the movement.

What most businesses don’t know is that LinkedIn, if manipulated the right way, is a powerful marketing tool. Research has shown that LinkedIn is fast beating other social media platforms when it comes to business leads.


Now that you have created the perfect LinkedIn profile, what do you actually need to do to make optimum use of LinkedIn to market your business?

6 Advanced LinkedIn Marketing Tactics To Implement

In my previous article, I discussed the basic LinkedIn marketing strategies you must start out with.

In this second part, I’m going to show what you need to do to make better use of LinkedIn as a powerful B2B marketing tool.

1. Use your Company Page to Generate Leads

Leads will not just fall into your lap, even with a LinkedIn account. You have to work for them. Turning a LinkedIn Company Page into a lead generation page is a great start. Use your Company Page as a gateway to direct leads to your actual company website.

To achieve this, ensure that you company is well optimized and structured in a manner that encourages conversion. You will therefore need a well written company description, use your company branding (logos and cover images) and add your products and services.

Increase your chances of generating leads through your Company Page by sharing thought leadership content regularly with your followers. Ensure that your content is relevant, useful and tailored to suit your audience’s needs and interests. This will increase engagement on your page.

linkedin marketingSource: LinkedIn

2. Make Use of Showcase Pages

Further to a LinkedIn Company Page, you can create showcase pages to promote individual brands, business units or initiatives owned by your company. This gives you more room to sell your products and services.

Showcase pages allow you to segment your audience for more effectiveness in directing the right traffic to the right product or service. Showcase pages cement long term relationship with a specific audience.

Every individual Showcase page should have one customer segment and should provide information relevant to them. As with a Company Page, have a clear and relevant description, branded cover image and a link back to your company.

See how IBM’s Internet of Things Showcase page looks:

linkedin marketing

3. Follow your Clients’ Company Pages

It is very easy to get caught up in your own social media machinery that you forget that your clients, associates and business partners are all doing the same. Stay current and relevant with clients by following their Company Pages. This will encourage them to follow you back. Engage with their content through likes and comments and hopefully they will do so with your content as well.

4. LinkedIn Advertising

Organic content is a terrific way of generating leads on LinkedIn by interacting with existing company fans but you can extend your reach through LinkedIn ads.

You can use Sponsored Updates to improve the reach of your updates as updates are visible to more than just your Company Page fans.

You can also use Text Ads for push marketing on LinkedIn. Text Ads are displayed on various LinkedIn pages, including profile pages, home pages, inbox, search results pages, and groups pages.

LinkedIn Ads help you to reach a high-quality professional audience that is need of relevant insights and information. The LinkedIn Ads platform is perfect when you need to get your message in front of your audience in a matter of minutes.

Here’s an example of Text Ads on LinkedIn:

linkedin marketing

5. Create Groups

LinkedIn groups enable successful networking with industry leaders. To get even more out of LinkedIn groups, don’t just join relevant groups, create your own group.

As you interact with groups that you are a member of, look out for opportunities for another group to be formed. Creating your own group gives you more authority and recognition in your industry.

Make sure you create a relevant group that will fulfill a need and position yourself authoritatively. Avoid salesy content and instead interact with your target audience with content that proves your knowledge in the industry.

Here’s an example of a PepsiCo LinkedIn group:

linkedin marketing

6. Take Advantage of LinkedIn Marketing Features

LinkedIn offers companies and members with creative tools that they can use to increase reach and improve their online reputation. Top tools that you should use to market your company on LinkedIn include:

LinkedIn Publishing Platform

LinkedIn has a powerful content publishing platform that you should take full advantage of to amplify your LinkedIn reputation. LinkedIn Publishing gives your content greater visibility.

When publishing content through the publishing platform, create valuable and engaging content that will be of great benefit to your target audience. This calls for knowledge of your audiences’ needs in order for you to meet them.


LinkedIn Slideshare  allows you to display PowerPoint presentations on your page. The trick is to choose a popular topic that relates to your business, then design an invoking, useful presentation to upload on Slideshare. Chances are you will notice a couple of hundred views within a short while. On SlideShare you can view and upload:

  • Presentations
  • Infographics
  • Documents
  • Videos


An accumulation of glowing recommendations highlighting your experience and expertise goes a long way in enhancing your profile.

There are tons of opportunities to generate leads for your business through various LinkedIn marketing strategies as described. Try them out and grow your business today.

Do you have other B2B LinkedIn marketing strategies you’d like to share with us?