Advertising on LinkedIn: How To Target Ads Effectively


LinkedIn has continued to grow and with over 500 million users, it’s now one of the most powerful social media marketing tools especially for B2B businesses.

LinkedIn comes with numerous solutions to help you generate more leads for your business. One such great solution is LinkedIn Advertising.

I’m pretty sure you’re wondering if you really need yet another marketing tool to figure out, isn’t Facebook advertising hard enough?

The truth is that advertising on LinkedIn is not a matter of whether you should be doing it but rather about how to best go about it. With LinkedIn advertising you’ll have more marketing power at your disposal.

I totally understand how frustrating it can be to figure out online advertising so today, I’ll guide you on how to create effective LinkedIn ads that will help you reach valuable audiences for your business.

advertising on linkedin

1. Pick an Ad Format

There are two types of ads on LinkedIn: sponsored updates and text ads. Both ads are great for lead generation. The only difference is where your ad will be displayed on LinkedIn.

Sponsored ads appear in the LinkedIn news feed while text ads appear on the right hand column.

A text ad consists of:

  • 25 character headline.
  • 75 character description (include a strong call to action)
  • 50 by 50 image.

Sponsored Update ads are executed either by sponsoring content that you’ve already published to your LinkedIn Company page or through Direct Sponsored Content. These are great for advertising your LinkedIn company page.

Advertising on LinkedIn

2. Use Captivating Text and Images

A great ad will determine how successful your campaign will be. A great ad has effective copy and a catchy image. Keep in mind that the text ads will have 75 characters for the description and 25 characters for the headline so you have to be creative.

Ensure that the copy you use for your LinkedIn ad is captivating and convincing enough to make your target audience to take your desired action. Boring copy will only make people move on to something else.

3. Build your Audience Personas

For you to target the right people on LinkedIn, you have to do your homework first and find who your target audiences on LinkedIn are, their unique characteristics and online habits.

As you do your homework, build your audience personas. Group each buyer into an ideal persona that you believe that they belong to. You can then use these personas to target your ads.

4. Target the Right Audience

Once you’ve created your ad copy and built your audience personas, now it’s time to target your ad. Targeting is as important as using the right copy and images.

You can target people by demographics (age, gender, location etc.) or go further and target them by targeting your audience by employer, job title, industry, interests etc.

advertising on linkedin

The more specific your LinkedIn ad is targeted, the better results you’ll get from advertising on LinkedIn.

Monitor how your ads perform so that you can test whether your targeting is working. Try different targeting aspects for different ads to see what works best.

5. A/B Testing

To increase the success of your LinkedIn ad campaigns create split ads for each campaign. What this means is that for each campaign create two ads each with its own headline, description, image, call to action, targeting and budget.

A/B testing allows you to target more people and to use varying text and images that will attract different types of audiences.

What one audience persona group like may not be what another group will appreciate. So if you have a mixed audience, use A/B testing to target each type of audience.

Keep track of which ad among the two is most successful, and you can choose to pause the other one if it’s performing poorly.

6. Set your Budget

The last step of advertising on LinkedIn is setting your ad budget. Think about the maximum amount that you want to spend on a daily basis. You will be charged either on cost-per-click (CPC) or cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) basis.

LinkedIn will charge different rates during the day depending on times when users are most active. 50% of your daily budget will be spent in the morning, while the rest will be spent in the afternoon and at night. Your ad will stop showing once you reach your daily budget limit.

Your daily budget will give you a higher return if you target a very specific segment. So when you apply A/B testing, have each ad target a specific segment. This way, each ad will give you a higher ROI.

LinkedIn advertising platform gives you more marketing options to increase business leads. If you do it correctly, you’ll find that it’s a very effective and affordable adverting tool.

What do you think? Will you consider advertising on LinkedIn to market your business?