15 Brands That Are Doing B2B Social Media Right

B2B social media

B2B social media has become an important tool for B2B companies when it comes to marketing, brand awareness, product/service promotion and customer support.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, to mention but a few are popular B2B social media marketing platforms.

A good number of B2B companies have mastered the art of B2B social media. If you’re just starting out or trying to find ways to improve your social media marketing, here are a few good examples that you can draw inspiration from.

Top Companies Winning at B2B Social Media Marketing

1. Adobe

Adobe is among the top companies that provide digital media creation. The company uses social media to link with digital creators in order to market their own products. Adobe uses LinkedIn to especially connect with professionals in their field as well as recruit new employees.

B2B social media

2. Google

It’s no surprise that Google is part of the list. The secret to Google’s success as a company is the ability to give people the content that they need most. The company applies the same methodology in its social media marketing. Google uses its social media platforms to showcase stories of how its products are enhancing human experiences.

3. Cisco

This is another leading company in technology winning at B2B social media marketing. Cisco has a dedicated page on Twitter where they share news, events and technology innovation. The company also stands out on YouTube with a variety of videos on service providers, business trends, industry solutions and product training.

B2B social media

4. General Electrics (GE)

The global corporation does extremely well on social media. Its content is more about engaging with its wide community and less about the GE brand. As you can see on GE’s Twitter account or its Facebook page their content invites engagement because it’s entertaining and informative and less salesy. This kind of content is great for B2B social media marketing success.

5. Salesforce

Salesforce stands out in its use of social media by focusing on appreciating its employees rather than focusing on selling their products and services. A look at the company’s Facebook page will show you just how it salutes its team. By showcasing your appreciation in your team, your audience will be interested in you because you have a happy team.

B2B social media

6. IBM

The large computer company knows how to best execute social media practices with creativity as seen on their  Twitter page. IBM does a good job of creating brand awareness by sharing creative content highlighting the company’s history, its employees and customer testimonials.

B2B social media

7. Maersk

B2B social media marketing is great for driving traffic to your company website. Maersk has discovered the value of using LinkedIn to drive traffic to the company website by including links in its posts. Increased web traffic is great for generating leads and raising your Google search results ranking.

8. Oracle

Oracle uses B2B social media efficiently to highlight its philanthropic activities. Oracle mainly uses Twitter to show the company’s social side through updates on its initiatives around the globe.

B2B social media

9. Wells Fargo

In an industry considered boring, Wells Fargo is doing a great job on Instagram using a mix of vibrant video and images that are quite engaging. To make it even more exciting, the company shares engaging content covering current events, financial tips, quotes and fun facts.

B2B social media

10. Raytheon

Raytheon uses B2B social media to mainly interact with its audience by discussing current issues relevant to  global security and support for  troops as opposed to technology and innovation content. By doing so on their Twitter page, the company is able to interact with it’s audience at a human level creating trust and loyalty, two attributes that are very important to B2B companies.

11. Microsoft

With a huge following on social media sites, Microsoft is a wonderful example for brands to embrace B2B social media. Microsoft makes perfect use of LinkedIn Showcase Pages and has pages of individual products such as Skype for Business, Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft office.

B2B social media


This pharmaceutical brand knows specializing in building curiosity and getting people excited about the world of medicine. Novartis uses Instagram  to hoghlight the importance of nature in advancing the world of medicine while at the same time driving traffic over to its website, beautifulmedicine.com.

13. Gartner

This company has clearly understood that social media marketing is not just about words and that audio and graphics go a long way in the success of selling a B2B company online. Gartner uses powerful graphics and videos for their social media posts inviting engagement.

B2B social media

14. Hubspot

HubSpot has excelled in B2B social media marketing since 2012 for sharing their content on its LinkedIn page. The company brags of three LinkedIn groups: HubSpot Academy, Inbound Marketers and INBOUND Conference each with a huge following. Hubspot also occasionally brings out it’s humorous side by sharing photos of food, cute animals, and fun work activities on Instagram.

B2B social media

15. Intel

Intel uses social media to explain the use of technology in a simple to understand language by highlighting the how its products help in improving current technology.

If you’re using B2B social marketing doing it right will helping you in achieving your marketing goals.

Seen a company that is winning the B2B social media game? Tell us on the comments section below.