6 Reasons B2B Social Media Marketing is Important (And Works!)

B2B Social Media Marketing

B2B social media marketing is an area that has been ignored by many companies who believe that it works for B2C companies only.

What most businesses don’t know is that B2B social media marketing helps in building a brand following and can assist in lead generation as well.

B2B customers take longer to make a purchase and will more likely require lots of information, nurturing, support and trust-factors to encourage them to make a purchase.

Social media then becomes a good avenue to reach out to such customers because it helps the companies to prove their credibility, build a reputation and acquire and retain customers by fostering a continued relationship instead of one-off transactions as is with other channels.

The list of benefits that companies get from B2B social media marketing are continuously increasing. Let’s take a look at 6 of the top reasons why you should be using this marketing strategy.


6 Reasons why You Should be Using B2B Social Media Marketing

1. It increases brand AWARENESS

Through B2B socia media marketing, your company can easily and effectively share content surrounding your brand standpoint, objectives and goals. You can use various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to inform people about your company, products and services.

Through the power of social media, your content will be distributed widely and when prospective customers see it, they learn about your company and the solutions you have to offer.

IBM has been doing a good job recently with very engaging GIFs showcasing the history of the country.

B2B Social Media Marketing

2. It positions you as industry leadER

B2B social media marketing is great for building your company’s reputation as a thought leader. By sharing thought leadership content you will not only create brand awareness but also show your knowledge and expertise in your industry of specialization.

Such content shows your target customers that you understand their problems and you can solve them, earning you trust and higher chances of closing a deal. Establishing yourself as a leader in your industry is a good way of generating business leads.

Gartner does a good job on LinkedIn to information and educate it’s followers through well thought out and informative content.

B2B Social Media Marketing

3. Increases social shares and promotions

If you use B2B social media marketing to share content that makes people feel good, valued and offer them the help they are looking for, they will in turn share this content with their friends and family who will also share it within their social circles promoting your business to a wider network.

To get more shares and promotions, ensure that you create high quality content that will make your company stand out of the many brands competing for the audience’s attention.

This Instagram post by Norvatis is a good example of content that create conversations and invites shares:

B2B Social Media Marketing

4. Improves your ranking

B2B social media marketing is great for improving your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. Web traffic generated from social media plays a major role in improving your search ranking.

Good website ranking is very important for B2B companies as it increase chances of being found by prospective customers conducting research online. The higher your website ranks, the more prospective clients will trust you and the higher chances they’ll want to do business with you.

5. Enables collection of feedback

Social media is good avenue for collecting feedback for your B2B company. Feedback is great if you want to understand the needs of prospective clients and your customers so that you can offer them the services and products that suit their needs.

Pro Tip:B2B social media marketing is all about creating relationships. Therefore, ensure that you create content that is relevant and useful to your customers in order to cement your relationships. 

Best B2B Social Media Marketing Platforms

There’re different platforms that you can use however, always go for the one that is most popular with your customer and prospective customers. A few of the popular platforms include:

1. Facebook

Facebook company pages are great for engaging with your target audience. You can use the platform to promote blog posts, news and other relevant content that your customers might be interested in. You can also use the platform to run social media ads to reach out to your target audience.

2. Twitter

Twitter conversations are a good way of creating human interaction with your audience. By making regular high quality contributions on Twitter, you give your brand a human side, attracting more followers, thus increasing your leads.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to showcase your expertise by sharing of thought leadership content. Publish blog posts and other educative information on your LinkedIn company page or by publishing on the LinkedIn Pulse network.

B2B social media marketing is certainly a great way of showcasing your company’s expertise which results in improved brand awareness and increased lead generation.

Is your company using social media as a marketing tool to reach out to other businesses? How are you doing it? We’d love to hear more about it in the comments!