B2B Social Media Strategy: 8 Tips for Success

B2B Social Media Strategy

B2B companies that have been quick to mix up social media marketing with traditional tactics have been able to see a lot of success increasing brand awareness and lead generation. Their success lies in employing an effective B2B social media strategy.

If you’ve been having a hard time scaling platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram you probably need to reevaluate your B2B social media strategy.

If you’re not sure your social media strategy is on track, use these eight tips to do a quick evaluation of your B2B social media strategy.

1. Have Specific Social Media Marketing Goals

Often than not, most companies delve into social media without giving it much thought and this leads to failure. Before you get social, take some time to think about your social media goals, objectives, strategies and tactics.

The first thing you need to do when creating a social media marketing strategy for your company is to set out clear goals and a plan on how to achieve each goal.

Think about what you want to achieve and the method you’ll use to achieve it. Are you interested in increasing sales, create some buzz about your company or generate new leads?

Make sure you document each goal and action plan so that you can always something to refer back to and adjust when need be. You could also set up a social media editorial calendar for your company including the social media campaigns that you plan to have.

2. Know Your Social Media Customer

It’s important to note that a target audience on social media may not necessarily be the same as your general target audience. So ensure you understand who is spending time on social media, which social channels they are on and how they engage with industry online content.

Once you’ve figured out which segment of your target audience is social media, decide the right content to share with them. When it comes to B2B content marketing, the best approach is to not promote but to offer value.

Make use of thought leadership content that provides value to the reader and gets them interested in learning more about your company.

3. What are Your Current Social Media Marketing Challenges?

After setting your goals, check your current social media marketing strategies and identify existing challenges.

Some of the common challenges that most B2B companies face when it comes to social media marketing include finding time, measurement of social media marketing strategies and finding relevant content.

Finding out about your challenges gives you a chance to create possible solutions and prevent the challenges from occurring in future.

B2B Social Media Strategy

4. Create a Personality for Your Company

Brands that excel in B2B social media marketing succeed because they have a human personality that sets them aside.

Most B2B trade in industries that are considered boring. You therefore have to be very creative when selling yourself online. To avoid being boring, add a personal touch to your online content by using a conversational tone, engage with other users and add a touch of humor to your content.

5. Find the Most Suitable Social Network Sites

Most B2Bs believe that LinkedIn is the only effective social site for effective B2B social media marketing. This is however false.

There’s a good number of social networking sites to choose from, each with its own advantage over the other. Examples include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Find the ones that best suits your company and your marketing needs and use them to achieve the goals you listed in your social media strategy.

6. Get the Right Personnel and Tools

Find the right people to plan and execute your B2B social media strategy. The right people may not necessarily be individuals who have knowledge on the business to business field of work, but they can be individuals who have trained on social media and have experience managing social media strategies.

You also need to take advantage of social media tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer that are effective in helping you manage all your social media platforms from one application.

7. Monitor Your Social Media Activities

It is now easier to monitor all that your company does on social media thanks to applications such as Hubspot, BitlyHootsuite among others. These applications, some of which are free will help you manage your accounts and use time effectively and efficiently for the best results from your B2B social media strategy.

These applications could also help you monitor your competitors’ activities on social media. This way you’ll know what competition is doing better than you and you can borrow a leaf.

8. Analyse the Success of Your B2B Social Media Strategy

Any plan made should be analyzed to determine its success or failure. Evaluation will also help you know what works for you and what does not.

It gives you an opportunity to make changes your B2B social media strategy to make it even better. A good method to use when evaluating your strategy is to look at whether set goals were achieved and if not where the problem is.

How about you put these social media strategies to the test and see what benefits social media marketing bring you!

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