How To: Use B2B Social Media to Generate Traffic & Leads

B2B social media

Lead generation is one of the reasons why marketers are using B2B social media. While a lot of B2B businesses are winning at social media, a good number are still falling behind.

In today’s competitive world, you can’t afford to lag behind. If you’re not on social media then it’s time to get started. If you’re already on it but still getting minimum results, it’s time to learn how to use B2B social media effectively.

There are several techniques to best leverage B2B social media to generate targeted traffic.

4 Ways to Use B2B Social Media to Generate Traffic and Leads

Let’s take a look 4 important techniques you should implement in your B2B social media strategy.

1. Combine social and web

One way to use social media to generate leads for your B2B business is to align your website with your social media profiles. Social media provides a perfect opportunity for B2B companies to make other people aware of their presence on the web. This can be done in any or a combination of the following:

Social Sharing Buttons on Your Website

Using social share buttons in your blog content allows readers to know that they can easily share your content increasing your visibility and web traffic.

Including Call to Actions on Your Posts

When sharing your content on social pages, ask your fans to click on links that redirect to your website. And when sharing content on your website include a call to action requesting readers to share your content on their social profiles. This will in turn increase your visibility on the various social media platforms and have more people visiting your website.

Allow Blog Comments and Respond

Although some comments from readers can be overwhelming, allowing people to make a comment on your posts helps to build relationships with your readers. This gets better if you respond to them and will increase the chances of them coming back for more content.

2. Combining content marketing and the social media strategy

Content marketing done on social media allows businesses to connect with current and new audiences. Content could be articles, videos or infographics but whichever the case, it should be original and unique content that relates to your audience. It should also be content that people will want to share on different social media platforms available.

Social media is also important for SEO. Sharing your content regularly on social media leads to increased consistent and long-term traffic. The more you share your content on social media the better your website will rank on search engines.

3. Using branded content

Branded content on social media platforms helps create awareness about the brand. It also gives another opportunity for your business to build a relationship with the audiences through the messages sent.

Responses from the audience on these messages will help you know which message brings the best results and leverage such messages in future.

4. Create social media posts that Generate traffic

This can be done by:

Using Keywords

Use of keywords makes it easier for interested prospects to find you while using the different search functions available. Hashtags on Instagram and Twitter are another way that people will look for you. Use unique and catchy keywords and hashtags and watch as your content is greatly shared on social media.

Social Media Ads

Social media advertising has proved to be another wonderful way to get traffic to your website. Try the different ways of advertising on social media and measure the results to find out which works best for you.

B2B businesses can get the best lead generation results by trying out as many tactics as possible on the different social media sites and find those which give the best results.

Are you using social media to generate leads and traffic for your business? What tactics have you been using? Share them in the comment section below!