Buzzsumo Tutorial: How To Use Buzzsumo For Content Marketing

buzzsumo tutorial

A Buzzsumo tutorial? But what even is Buzzsumo and why do you need it?

Let me explain.

Content is still king and when it comes to content marketing you better have the best performing content. To be a winner in the content marketing game, your content has to have the ability to go viral. Only good and relevant content goes viral.

So how do you know how your content is performing? Using content analysis tools such as Buzzsumo is a good way to go. Buzzsumo is perfect for tracking your content performance and for gauging your content success against competition.

In case you haven’t used Buzzsumo before, my Buzzsumo tutorial will help you understand how to make the best of this tool (one of my favorites) to market your content better.

buzzsumo tutorial

What is Buzzsumo?

Buzzsumo is an analytics tool that makes it a breeze for you to track your activities on various social media sites such as Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. Buzzsumo is also very effective in gauging the success of your online content.  

With Buzzsumo, you can track your content by user or topic and receive very accurate results. It also gives you an upper hand by giving you an opportunity to know what your competitor is doing, giving you the golden chance to beat them at their own game.

Getting started is very easy as you will see from this Buzzsumo tutorial. First, you need an email address and a password to create an account. Once you create an account, choose from the three available account plans namely;

  • Pro– ideal for bloggers and small teams. $99 / month
  • Agency– ideal for agency teams. $299 / month
  • Enterprise– ideal for brands and publishers. $999 / month

In our Buzzsumo tutorial, we will look at 6 powerful ways of using Buzzsumo to market your content effectively.

Buzzsumo Tutorial: Content Marketing Tips

Sounds pretty awesome right? I told you this was one of my favorite tools!

There are so many ways I use Buzzsumo – and you can too. Check it out –

1. Identify Most Shared Content in Your Industry

When you are creating content, you want to create something that will go viral. To do this you have to know the kind of content that is most shareable in your industry. Buzzsumo makes it possible to find the most shared material in your industry.

To find the most shared content, click ‘Content Research’ on the menu at the top of the page, then click on ‘Most Shared’, enter a keyword of the type of content you are interested in, filter your results by article type or by date and then press search.

The results will give you the most shared content in your industry from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ and will indicate the number of times each article has been shared on each social media site. From here, you can categorize the results into the easiest way for you to use them.

From the results, you can identify ways to make your headlines catchier and hence more interesting as well as find out what readers want to read about. You can take part of content from the results and improve on it or use the same idea for a different topic. Top search feature is also useful in finding specific content in a variety of articles.

buzzsumo tutorial

2. Find Top Industry influencers to Engage With

Engaging with top industry influencers on Twitter is an awesome way of pushing your content engagement on Twitter as these are the people who are likely to gain you lots of traffic should they share your content with their followers or fans.

To find top influencers in your industry, click on ‘Amplification’, then click on ‘Twitter Influencers’. Enter a relevant keyword on the search bar and click on search. This gives you a chance to search for influencers on a particular topic.

The results will show you top influencers, their Twitter handles and bios. Buzzsumo will also provide information on Page Authority and Page Ranks for the URLs belonging to these influencers. This way, you get to know who is more genuine than the other.

The platform also gives you the chance to see the links shared by each influencer. Should you like a particular influencer, you can save them on your Buzzsumo account and contact them later.

To engage with industry influencers,  start following them on Twitter, read and share their articles. Comment on their blog posts as a way to break the ice and make it easier for you to approach the influencer to write a piece about your company or to share your content.

buzzsumo tutorial

3. Find Trending Topics That You Can Use to Fuel Engagement

Trending topics are topics that are most popular online at a particular time. By participating in relevant trending topics you stand a chance to increase the value of your content thus making it more shareable.

Find the trending topics in your industry on Buzzsumo by simply clicking on ‘Trending Now’ under ‘Content Research’. The results will be a lot and can get overwhelming but luckily you can filter results by industry from the filter menu on the left side of the page.

Once you find a relevant trending topic, you can also share information on the same topic with your audience via your various social media platforms to increase engagement. Asking the audience questions on these topics or engaging them in fun Twitter polls will go a long way in increasing engagement.

buzzsumo tutorial

4. Take Advantage of Content Analysis

Run an analysis of your content to give you an idea on what is being shared or published on social media on a particular topic by generating a content analysis report on Buzzsumo. This report will give you information on:

  1. Total number of articles published in the last 6 months
  2. Mean shares per article
  3. Mean shares by network
  4. Mean shares by content type
  5. shares by content length
  6. maximum shared domains for a topic or keyword
  7. maximum shared articles in the period

You can also use content analysis to find out what is going on in your industry. It gives you an understanding of the topics that are more preferred as well as show you the most influential authors in your niche.

buzzsumo tutorial

5. Compare How You Rank Against Competition

Buzzsumo gives you an opportunity to track what your competitors are doing. You can do this by using alerts to track your competitor. To see how you rank against competition use The Domain Comparison feature. Here you can compare two domains, yours and a competitor’s and you’ll easily see where your site stands compared to another.

6. Track Content Using Alerts

You can create content alerts that will inform you on what people are talking about and which topics are hot at the time. Alerts on Buzzsumo also allows you to track your brand mentions, your backlinks, your progress over time and gives you an idea of how competitor content is performing. 

The alerts are categorized into:

  1. Alerts on keywords or brands. These alerts notify you every time a keyword is used in an article or a brand name is mentioned.
  2. Alerts on competitor domains. These give alerts every time the competitor will publish new information on their domains.
  3. Link alerts. Be informed whenever articles or blogs link to a domain you are tracking.
  4. Alerts on authors. These will inform you every time authors publish new content.

buzzsumo tutorial

As you can see from this Buzzsumo tutorial, there are tons of potential applications for the content marketing statistics Buzzsumo provides. It is simple to use and understand, and though it’s fairly new, it promises to revolutionize content marketing for companies.

Have we forgotten anything in our Buzzsumo tutorial? We’d love to hear how you use BuzzSumo to optimize your content marketing efforts.