Denny’s on Twitter: A Social Media Win [Case Study]

denny's on twitter

Most restaurants, cafes, fast food joints are on social media these days but you know they’re all doing the same old, same old.

Then there’s Denny’s.

Off The Beaten Track

Instead of going down the beaten path of food photos and promos, Denny’s takes a really different approach to their social media marketing. By different I mean, it’s almost as though Denny’s is a real person and they talk about everything from TV shows, to pop culture; from silly memes to timely comments on world events. It’s not just me, me, me, me.

Check them out on their Tumblr style blog, Facebook and even on Instagram.  They have set up a unique social media presence on each of these channels.

But my most favorite account is Denny’s on Twitter. It’s a unique brand voice and clearly their customers are loving it.

denny's on twitter

On Point With Brandjacking

Denny’s is doing a number of great things with their social media, but probably one of funniest campaigns I remember is when they took over the #AppleLive hashtag on Twitter with a timely campaign.

Remember this?

dennys on twitter


This is what Denny’s came back with…

dennys social media

And, the Twittersphere loved it.

dennys twitter

Weird? Maybe… But It Works

It’s a weird approach, I admit but it definitely works for Denny’s.

The Twittersphere and Denny’s customers clearly love the brand’s sense of humour on Twitter.

denny's on twitter

Of course amusing Twitter followers alone isn’t a success metric.

But, in an interview with Marketing Land, Erwin Penland (the guy behind Denny’s social media success) talked about the growth in their social media following, in actual numbers as well.

In less than a year, the restaurant chain has increased its Tumblr audience by 253 percent and upped its Twitter audience by 132 percent to nearly 95,000 followers.

Denny’s is culturally relevant and always timely with their tweets – the perfect recipe for Twitter success.

Denny’s on Twitter is fun and definitely stands apart from other brands but will this different approach also convert to in-store sales? In January 2014, the company reported a 0.9% increase in sales while competitors reported a decline. That’s got to be a win right?

Should You Do A Denny’s, Then?

No, I never encourage people to be copycats. What you can learn from Denny’s though is to be an authentic, real brand on social media. A brand that really speaks to its customers in a voice that is 100% its own. Don’t be afraid to leave the script behind and improvise.

This is exactly the advice Erwin Penland has for you as well:

Brands should do what works for them. Every category, and every brand, has a different set of challenges so there is no “one size fits all….You have to find your voice as a brand.

What do you about Denny’s approach to social media? Do you like it? Does it make you hungry? 😉