Facebook for Fundraising: 6 Best Practices for Non Profits & Charities

Can I use Facebook for fundraising to raise donations for my charity organization? YES!

Facebook is no longer just a social networking tool where people reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Government agencies, churches, charitable organizations and non profit organizations also use Facebook to raise funds and to spread awareness on various causes.

Facebook connects up to 150 million users so imagine how these global connections would push your fundraising. The social networking giant has introduced new tools to help you use Facebook for fundraising effectively.

Still confused on how to do this? Let me show you, in a few steps, how to use Facebook for fundraising and run your cause successfully.

Facebook for fundraising

1. Facebook for Fundraising? Start with the Right Facebook Account

To get the most out of Facebook for fundraising, use the right account. There are three types of accounts; person, group and pages.

If you are a new Facebook user, the person account is what you will get once you register. Once you have this account, you can set up a group or a page. A group is formed by a number of people with shared interests on a particular topic.

A page on the other hand is what is created by most organizations to keep in touch with their customers. When it comes to fundraising on Facebook, a page is definitely what you want.

People can either “like” your page to show support or read whatever content you share. When setting up an account for your organization, don’t set up an individual account where people will be required to send a friend request to show their support. Make it easy for users to know about your cause by using the page and its features.

A page is good for reaching out to millions of people unlike a personal account because there’s no limit to the number of people who can like your page. A personal account however, has a limited number of friends that you can have.

Disabled American Veterans is a perfect example of a charity page, reaching out to 1,255,000 fans and counting!

Facebook for fundraising

2. Add a Donate Button on Your Facebook Page and ADs

Facebook has had the Donate Button feature for a little while but now it’s improved! Facebook has made it possible to add a Donate button to pages, posts and ads making fundraising on Facebook even easier.

This new improvement helps non-profit organizations increase the amount of donations they can accept on the site. A post with a Donate button makes more people aware of your campaign and provides an easy and direct way to donate right from the News Feed.

In addition, a Donate button on an organization’s page helps the organization have a central point of collecting and tracking the donations made to its cause. These two buttons also raise awareness of the campaign by enabling a person who donates to share with his/her friends that they have donated, spreading the word about your fundraiser.

The Donate button also provides a section where users may give you their emails, which can be essential for a follow up from the nonprofit.

Here’s how a Donate button looks likes on a Facebook page, as seen on the The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research page:

Facebook for fundraising


How to Add A Donate Button To Your Page

To add the Donate button; go to your Page’s cover photo and click Create Call to Action, click on Donate Now, then enter the URL of the site where people can donate, e.g. your website’s fundraising page. Finally click Create.

Please note that your Page’s category has to be set to “Non-Profit Organization” to be able to view the Donate Now call-to-action button.

To add a Donate Now button to your Facebook Ad; create an ad in Ads Manager and pick an objective: “Send people to your website,” “Increase conversions on your website” or “Get installs of your app.” When you choose your ad creative click on the add a call-to-action button, choose Donate Now from the dropdown list, then place your order.

3. Create a Fundraising Page

This is a dedicated page, similar in format to event pages, where charitable organizations through their Facebook pages can raise money for a particular cause or campaign. Such organizations can use fundraising pages to give more information on a cause, get supporters for the cause, and receive donations while tracking the progress of their campaign goals.

With fundraising pages, people are able to give donations in just a few steps and share the page with their Facebook friends. To make it easy for people to donate, all shares include a Donate button and interested parties can join the cause right from their News Feed.

You can add an amount that you hope to raise for your cause and a progress bar towards your goal will be shown your fundraiser page.

Here’s an example of a fundraising page that was created by Mercy Corps to raise funds to assist the Syrian refugees. As you can see they were able to collect $36,415 from the page.

Facebook for fundraising

4. Raise Awareness About Your Fundraising Event

Facebook is successful because it enables people to share information and connect making it an ideal platform for raising awareness and building a community for your cause.

Take advantage of Facebook to create awareness about your fundraising event. There are people who support your organization’s work but are probably unaware on how to help.

Using your Facebook page, let people know how they can contribute towards your cause. Use creative content such as images and videos to create awareness about your cause.

Don’t forget to motivate your audience to actively participate and promote your fundraising event. This will create widespread and lasting change.

In this video, UNICEF creates awareness about how war, conflict, poverty or climate change affects children resulting in refugees, migrants, asylum seekers or displaced people who are in need of care. The organization then calls upon its fans to help such kids by redirecting them to their donations page.

Facebook for fundraising

5. Advertise Your Fundraising Events on Facebook

You can advertise your event in two ways. One, you can create an ad advertising your event or you can create a post about your event and promote it to a wider audience and not just the people who have liked your page.

When advertising your event whether through an ad or promoted post, ensure that you provide precise and accurate information about the fundraising event. Don’t forget to add a call to action which in this case is to donate.

6. Request Donors to Share Testimonials

Being able to see what others are doing to help your cause is a major way to convince other people to donate as well. After someone completes their donation, request them to let other people know they have donated through a “Share” button on the Thank You page. To make it easy to convince people to share their experience, make sharing the donated amount optional for more privacy.

You can also request people to share their donation stories through your Facebook page as you can see here on the Girl Scouts post;

Facebook for fundraising

Whether you are a non profit organization, a volunteer group or a group of people who just want to change the world, Facebook has immense power for fundraising. Facebook for fundraising can therefore help your charitable organization to get the desired support from the click of a button.

If you have more tips on how to use Facebook for fundraising, be sure to share with us in the comment section below!