3 Battle-Tested Tips to Get Your Blog Indexed


Your blog has to be indexed by Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines before it’s online. It can take a day, a week or longer for the search engines to index your blog.

You can check to see if your blog is indexed. Go to Google, Yahoo! and Bing and type in:

Site: www.thisisyourdomainname.com

If the results show your site – even if it is a “contact” page, then yes, your blog has been indexed.

If you see “We did not find any results…” or something similar, then your blog has not yet been indexed.

3 Tips To Get Your Blog Indexed.

  1. Join forums and comment on threads.
  2. Read blogs and leave comments.
  3. Install a Google Sitemap.

It takes time to participate in a forum and read blog posts and leave comments. So let’s find the most popular forums and blogs.

Every blog and website on the internet is assigned what is called a pagerank or PR. Think of it as a popularity contest. Remember when boys rated girls and girls rated boys? This is similar.

A pagerank ranges from n/a to 10. A blog or website with a PR of n/a or a 0 is not highly ranked (not popular).

On the other hand, a blog or website with a PR of 4 or above is popular and loved by the search engines. (Google is a PR9.)

If you are going to invest time to join forums and read blogs so you can leave comments with a link to your blog, why not find ones that are popular – with a PR of 4 or higher?

Finding High PR Sites

Use a page rank checker. I just did a search for pagerank checker on Google. 44,300,000 results. Wow, that’s a lot of results. I use a free pagerank checker.


It’s super easy to use.

Let’s say you found a forum that relates to your barbecue blog. It’s called www.letsdosomebbq.com

Now let’s find out what it’s ranked.

  • Go to pagerankchecker.com and type in www.letsdosomebbq.com
  • Click the blue “check” button.
  • Look to the right and you’ll see Google Pagerank #/10.
  • If # is a 4 or higher, perfect! It’s ranked high enough that it will be worth your time to participate.

Get Your Blog Ranked Even Higher

Here’s some detailed information that will help you get your blog indexed and ranked higher.

1. Join a forum that is in a niche similar to yours. Read the forum rules to confirm that using a signature with a link to your blog is allowed. Create your signature. Start reading and posting.

Visit the forum often, read the posts and leave helpful comments. If you make the mistake of using one-liners, “hey, great information here,” you will be labeled a spammer and possibly banned from the forum.

2. Visit blogs, similar niche, PR of 4 or higher. Read the blog post. If you leave a comment that sounds spammy, you’re wasting your time. Here’s an example of bad comment.

This is true. My family said I was wasting my time to read this but I like what you are say. Consolidating debt is good thing and you should visit my home page, http://www.iamaspammer.com

Really? I’m not about to approve this comment. It is a waste of my time and the person’s time who wrote the comment.

Hint: When you find a blog post (ranked 4 or higher of course), read the post and when you leave a comment, repeat something the blogger said – that will let the blogger know you actually read the post and you’re not just there to leave a quick comment with a link to your blog.

Here’s an example of a good comment:

“Thanks Dan. Great post! Some of my friends use a dry rub (I use a wet rub), but I had no idea the wood you use to smoke the meat can make such a difference.

I bookmarked your blog – can’t wait to see some more of your advice on barbecuing. Your tip to use wood that is available in your area

C. Johnson, www.thebestbbqsmokersever.com”

In this example, Dan made a statement about using wood that is available in your area.

3. Install a Google Sitemap plugin. A sitemap will list all the pages on your blog. It will help your SEO because it’s designed to make it easier for search engines to find your content.

In addition, a sitemap is automatically updated. So when you add a new post, your sitemap automatically adds the new post to a map. Let’s give these search engines a map to find your blog.

  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Click on Plugins on the left side.
  • Click on Add New.
  • Type “Google XML Sitemaps.” (I use the one by Arne Brachhold).
  • Activate the plugin.

That’s it. All the fields in the sitemap are preset.

If you follow these tips, your blog will be indexed fast. But remember, there are thousands of new websites created every day. If your blog is not indexed overnight, don’t get discouraged. Keep visiting forums and replying to threads. Keep reading blogs and leaving comments.

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