How To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile So It Gets Noticed

LinkedIn is not just an online version of your resume. It’s a great place to market yourself.

Just as you would optimize your website or blog, it’s also important to optimize your LinkedIn profile so you are found in online searches. Today I’m here to show you exactly how to improve your LinkedIn profile so you get noticed on searches.

1. Change Your Public Profile Settings

Like every other social network, your LinkedIn profile also has a privacy setting that allows you to make your profile viewable even by those who aren’t on LinkedIn.

I recommend using LinkedIn the same way you would a website and making all (or most of) your professional information available available publicly. This means eliminating privacy features on your profile. By doing so, you have a much better chance of appearing in Google and other search engines for your name, your job title and other relevant keywords.

To change your privacy settings. hover your profile image on the upper right of the screen. From the Accounts & Settings drop down, click on ‘Manage’ next to ‘Privacy & Settings’

linkedin profile privacy


Click on ‘Edit My Public Profile’


Your profile will open up and on the right hand you will see a menu.

Select ‘Make my public profile available to everyone’ and then check the boxes underneath it. For the boxes you keep unchecked, the corresponding section of your profile will not be shown to the public.

linked in public profile get noticed

Click save to change your settings.

I recommend checking all the boxes because your public profile will never display rich-text media like videos or full-text recommendations. Therefore, your description of your job experience is the most important part of your profile.

Customize Your Public Profile URL

While making changes to your public profile, another thing to change is your profile URL. The option to do this appears directly above your public profile settings (as shown above). You can set your URL to anything as long as it is available. I usually recommend going with your full name.


For example, mine is:

2. Add Keywords To Your Profile

Now that we’ve changed your settings, it’s time to make changes to the actual content of your profile.

Using the right keywords that describe your areas of specialization, is a crucial aspect of getting your LinkedIn profile noticed. Include keywords in:

  • The summary section
  • The headline (This appears in Google searches so make it count)
  • In your job title (You have a 100 characters, use them!)

By using more keywords, your profile will show up on relevant searches – especially within LinkedIn search. This will help you connect with others in the industry and even get the attention of prospective employers and clients.

3. Use Rich Visual Content

Improving the content of your profile doesn’t just end with keywords. LinkedIn’s portfolio section allows you to add photos, videos, articles, screenshots and even Slideshare presentations to showcase your expertise. Make use of this to stand out!

This is how I do it on my profile:

linkedin professional portfo

4. Join Discussion Groups

LinkedIn has hundreds of professional groups. Join these groups to enhance the visibility of your profile.

First of all, when you join these groups the relevant keywords from these groups help your profile’s performance on search engines as well.

Secondly, just joining won’t help you as much as participating well. By regularly participating in discussions, people will start to notice your contribution. The goal of this is to establish you as an expert in your industry and draw attention to it.

5. Advertise Yourself Elsewhere

Finally, to really improved your LinkedIn profile and get it noticed, be sure to promote it everywhere.

  • Use it in your email signatures
  • Add your profile URL to your business cards
  • Link to it from your website
  • Promote it on your other social media networks such as Twitter or Facebook

Continue tweaking your LinkedIn profile regularly and you will make sure it’s constantly in a state of improvement. Spend some time writing it out well and if you’re a complete LinkedIn newbie, be sure to check out my post on how to set up a LinkedIn profile first.

These are five of the most simple but important steps to start getting your LinkedIn profile noticed online.

Is there anything you would like to add?