How to Use LinkedIn Company Pages For Marketing: Beginner’s Guide

Today, I wanted to talk to you about how to use LinkedIn for marketing. LinkedIn is a undeniably a unique social network where a broad range of professionals spend their time online networking. More and more businesses are now using LinkedIn marketing to increase sales. LinkedIn is also popular for:

Most businesses are fully aware of the first two points but not quite fully aware of the power of a LinkedIn Company Pages as a marketing tool. They are not aware of how LinkedIn members engage with Company Pages.


As I mentioned in my previous post about Company Pages – LinkedIn is no longer a choice for businesses. It’s a must.

A good Company Page is important for engaging stakeholders with company news, updates, events and relevant content. Company Pages also improve search engine rankings through optimized content. Most importantly, a Company Page will increase your company lead generation opportunities through content marketing. Research shows that 50% of LinkedIn members are more likely to buy products and services from companies they engage with on LinkedIn.

So now that you have created a Company Page, how do you leverage it to improve your marketing? In this article, I’ll show you how to use LinkedIn Company Pages to generate leads for your business, in six simple steps.

How To Use LinkedIn Pages In Your Marketing Strategy

The following are my tips for using LinkedIn in your online marketing efforts for your business.

1. Set Up a Power Team

Once your company page is fully functional, running things the right way will go a long way in maximizing its business success.

To ensure the page is running smoothly, appoint a social media manager who will coordinate content creation and track performance of the page. Have product and brand managers to assist the social media manager to ensure content represents your company to the fullest.

2. Optimize Your Page

Company Pages perform as well as websites in terms of optimization. To increase the success of your Company Page, ensure that your content is SEO-friendly.

SEO friendly content makes it easy for people to find your page. Optimize your description with relevant keywords. Remember,  Google shows previews of Company Pages, so have a powerful description that will motivate users to visit  your page.

Keywords are also important because that’s what members use to search for companies on LinkedIn, so ensure you use words and phrases that describe your business, expertise, and industry focus.

3. Engage Your Audience

The biggest determinant of success for a LinkedIn Company Page lies in engaging with members well.

Use your Company Page to tell your business story and to give your company a human side. Remember you are trying to reach out to professionals and connect with industry leaders so you have to do it in an appropriate and professional manner. There are three great ways to engage your LinkedIn company audience:

3A. Update thought leadership pieces

The kind of content you share on your LinkedIn Company Page will determine how well you achieve your marketing goals. Good content is a reflection of your business’s authority in your industry of trade.

Have a content strategy for your Company Page to guide you in creating and posting meaningful content on LinkedIn that will be valuable and useful to your audience. Remember not to focus on sales content only but to offer a mix of sales, industry updates, company updates and thought leadership content.


The more content you post on your Company Page, the more you will increase your business exposure on LinkedIn. Posting regularly makes your audience look forward to your content. A good posting practice is to have at least four weekly posts that will drive awareness and engagement.

Remember to post during high traffic periods when members are on the site. Members are more likely to use the site on weekdays (Tuesday to Thursday) early in the morning and late after work hours.

3c. Tailor your content to specific audiences

Not every bit of content you share will resonate well with every follower. To reach out to every type of follower it is best to customize your content to meet their professional needs.

When creating an update, LinkedIn allows you to decide whether to share it with “all followers” or a “targeted audience.” When your content is customized to a particular set of audience, choose the second option and send your update to a subset of followers. You can target your audience based on geography, job function, industry, company size, or seniority.

Limit your targeting to one or two targeting criteria per update for high-value impressions. You can also use Targeted Updates to reach out to employees only for company updates that you don’t necessarily want to share will everyone.

4. Attract More Followers

The more followers you have, the greater your marketing potential. High quality followers increase page engagement, increase traffic and give you a chance to reach out to more potential customers for your products and services. There are several ways to attract new followers:

4a. Reach out to colleagues

Employees are more likely to engage with your Company Updates than any other type of audience on LinkedIn so take advantage of this and encourage them to like your Company page and add a link to your page to their email signatures to reach a wider network.

4b. inform customers and partners about your Company Page

Once you have done all the ground work and you are confident that your page is all set, send out an announcement via a blog post or email newsletter, to your customers and partners informing them of your Company Page and encourage them to follow you.

4c. Add a “Follow” button to your website

Another great way to attract followers to your Company Page is by displaying a “Follow” button on your blog or website. This way LinkedIn members get to know that you have a Company Page and can easily follow you with a single click.

5. Try out LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn advertising is not as advanced as Facebook advertising as it is still evolving. However, it is a good way to increase page and post reach. You should try it out and see how it works for you. I’ll be writing a post about this in the near future, so be sure to come back and check it out if you’re interested in learning more.

6. Know your Analytics

LinkedIn Analytics is a great tool to see the levels of post engagement, giving you insight on what’s working and what is not. Analytics enable you to continuously create content that resonates with your audience and post it on high traffic days and time. Use LinkedIn analytics to analyze:

  • Demographics: Find out who is engaging with which kind of content, their geographical location, age, gender, interests and so on.  Knowing your demographics will help you determine segments to target with targeted updates.
  • Competition: Analytics give you an insight on how your Company Page is performing against your competitors’ pages. This information will help you determine whether your strategy is working or not.

So there you have it. Six easy steps to get you started and give you an idea of how to use LinkedIn for marketing.

A LinkedIn Company Page can go a long way to improve business marketing. If you already have a Company Page, be sure to use these tips to make the best of it and scale your business to new heights.

Do you have any top tips on how to use LinkedIn Company Pages for marketing that have worked for you? Share them with us.