Instagram for B2B: Inspiration from 8 Real Brands (+ 8 Tips)

Instagram for B2B

Most companies tend to give Instagram for B2B a back seat assuming that it’s more useful to B2C companies. However, B2B companies that have embraced Instagram have seen great success in telling their story and engaging with their audience through visual and audio-visual content.

Instagram’s engagement has been growing steadily and is poised to beat Twitter. The platform is therefore becoming more and more important for B2B companies.

If you’re unsure about how viable Instagram for B2B is, here’s some inspiration from 8 B2B brands rocking at Instagram marketing. 

Instagram for B2B

8 Brands Winning at Instagram for B2B Marketing

1. Intel

The tech company uses Instagram to share company details with its followers through photos. From events to conferences, the company gives its followers a close look at what is happening at the company. Posts include updates about its products.

Intel captions its photos in a captivating way that keeps their followers interested and looking forward to more news.  The company has a fan base of over 600,000 followers on Instagram.

Pro Tip: Use Instagram to give your followers company updates. Got new products in the pipeline? Share sneak peek photos.

Instagram for B2B

2. HP

With a following of over 400,000 followers on Instagram, HP provides its followers with a bit of humor and a bit of help at the same time. They playfully but effectively portray how to use their products by sharing videos.

HP also engages with its audience by giving them feedback, answering questions or any clarifications. The brand is a good example of why it is important for a company to engage with its audience when using Instagram.

Pro Tip: Use videos to provide your followers with a quick demonstration of how your product can be useful to them.

Instagram for B2B

3. IBM

IBM takes a different approach on Instagram by adding a human touch. The company’s profile with about 91,000 followers, shares photos of their employees and their families adding a personal touch to their posts. 

Pro Tip: Highlight your employees to showcase your company’s combined expertise and to make your brand more human, thus encouraging your followers to form a bond with you.

Instagram for B2B

4. FedEx

The company uses Instagram for B2B to subtly sell its services through captivating photos and videos of the company’s trucks and planes making deliveries.

FedEx doesn’t do hard selling but generally make their services look fun and make you want to keep up with where the trucks and planes go to next.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to promote your products and services on Instagram but remember to do it in a subtle way that will not annoy your followers.

Instagram for B2B

5. Hootsuite

Employee engagement is yet another way to make Instagram for B2B do wonders for your brand. Hootsuite shows you just how effective this is by sharing with its almost 30,000 followers photos and videos of the team that makes the B2B company a success.

The company goes on to share its company culture and core values that it upholds. The brand also uses hashtags like #HootsuiteLife which is an element you cannot ignore when using Instagram.

Pro Tip: Use Instagram to tell your company story. Share behind the scenes photos and videos showcasing your company culture and let people in on your company’s vision.

  Instagram for B2B


MailChimp takes the humorous approach to interact with its fans by sharing whimsical and funny photos and videos highlighting its products. Mailchimp‘s posts will leave you  laughing, entertained and informed at the same time.

Pro Tip: Use humor to keep your followers engaged and hooked to your Instagram content.

Instagram for B2B


Hubspot takes a totally different approach on their Instagram account. Instead of promoting its services,  Hubspot is more interested in making its 47,000 followers feel good through cute food and animal photos and also showcases the company as a fun place to work.

Pro Tip: Make use of Instagram to promote your web content. If you run a blog or want to increase your website traffic, add links to your page on your Instagram bio.

Instagram for B2B

8. Dolby Laboratories

Dolby uses Instagram to educate its followers on how its audio technologies help in making popular video games and movies sound. By educating people on the going ons in the audio/visual world, Dolby is able to showcase its expertise in the industry gaining more trust from potential customers.

Pro Tip: Use Instagram to establish your company as an industry leader by sharing thought leadership content such as industry insights and updates.

Instagram for B2B

Sharing content, engaging with your audience, using hashtags and adding a personal touch to your Instagram account will help your B2B succeed on Instagram. Find what works for you, try it out and watch your brand blossom and stand out on Instagram.

Do you know of other brands shining at Instagram for B2B? Let us know in the comments section below.