Instagram For Charities: 5 Tips To Get Started

Should your organization be using Instagram for charities? I say… definitely!

Instagram has grown to become one of the most popular social media channels with over 400 million monthly active users.

Instagram’s popularity has made it a fantastic platform that charities and nonprofit organisations can use to tell their stories, raise awareness about their causes and engage with their audience.


Why is Instagram for Charities/ Non Profits So Huge?

Instagram allows you to engage with your audience and stakeholders in a completely new, unfiltered manner. Here’s why it’s great for your cause:

1. Create and Build Your Brand

Every organization, including charities, needs to have a strong brand. Instagram is a great way of building your brand and creating a reputation for your charity. Let your audience know what you stand for by sharing images and videos of the work your organization does.

Take captivating photos as you carry out your activities and share them on Instagram. This will makes people more aware of your charity and its work. Don’t forget to share inspiring videos as they will help get people interested in your cause on board.

By sharing videos and photos of both the issues your organization hopes to address and your success stories, your brand gains more visibility online.

WaterAid has gained huge popularity on Instagram through its captivating videos and photos.Instagram for charities

2. Engage Your Audience

Want to involve your audience in your online activities? Engage them on Instagram. Get them involved in a fun activity on your Instagram feed such as a photo contest. Create a photo sharing contest with a catchy hashtag to get stories from your audience who are as passionate as you are about your charity’s cause.

Encouraging your audience to generate content is a good way to involve them in what you do. The National Trust runs a photo contest weekly asking their Instagram followers to share photos on various relevant topics with the hashtag #NTchallenge.

Instagram for charities

When you use hashtags, keep them simple and relevant to your cause. There are many popular social good hashtags such as #volunteer, #charity, #donate #change and so on that could be relevant to your organization. Consider using such hashtags on Instagram.

3. Tell Your Story Through Visual Content

Instagram is popular because it relies on visual content. Take advantage of this and share captivating images and videos that tell a story about your charity. This is a great way to make people aware and interested in what you do. Mercy Ships does a fantastic job with this.

Instagram for charities

Whenever you upload an image or a video, make sure you add a caption that gives further information on what the visual shared is all about. Give extra details about your cause that may not be in the visual shared such as how interested individuals can get involved.

4. Call People to Action

You want more and more people to join your cause, that’s why you put in effort in marketing your organization. When using Instagram, don’t just share awesome photos and videos, remember to add a call to action to each one of them. Ask people to donate if you want donations, ask for volunteers or any other kind of involvement that you need.

See how Feeding America called people to volunteer using this clever post!

Instagram for charities

5. Measure Your Results

It will be pointless to use Instagram for charities if you are not aware of whether it’s success or failure. It’s important that you measure your efforts on Instagram in order to know how to proceed.

There are various analytical tools available that you can use measure your results. Iconosquare is one such tool that enables you to check on growth, community insights and account history.

Simply Measured and SumAll are other tools that you can use to measure effectiveness. The best thing is that they are free!

Instagram for charities is simple and if used creatively, you can achieve marvelous results. Just make sure you understand how it works for you.

Got some more tips on how charities can use Instagram? Share with us!