LinkedIn for B2B: Marketing Strategies to Implement TODAY

LinkedIn for B2B

Most of us are aware of the importance of LinkedIn. Most of us actually have active LinkedIn profiles. But did you know that you can use LinkedIn  for B2B to improve your B2B social media marketing?

LinkedIn marketing is a great way to build relationships with potential customers and to increase your lead generation. LinkedIn stands out from other social media channels due to its ability to connect businesses with their target audience. In fact, it generates more than 80% social media leads!

If you are considering LinkedIn for B2B, here are a few pointers on how to leverage the social media platform to generate leads for your business:

7 Quick Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for B2B for Increased Leads

1. Use your Company Page to connect with your potential customers

The first important LinkedIn for B2B strategy is to use a LinkedIn Company page to create brand awareness and inform people about what you have to offer. With a company page, you can provide important information such as what you do, where you’re based, your core values, location, contact details and website link.

It’s important that you add only what is of value to your target customer and avoid a lot of noise on your company page. People don’t want to know about how many offices you have or how you rank according to Forbes, rather, they need to see captivating information that will pull them to your website.

Remember that people can only read the first 2-3 sentences on your company description before they click see more to read the entire text. Make these 2 sentences as appealing as possible to compel your audience to click the see more button.

Besides adding relevant company details, have appealing visuals that tells about your company such as your logo and other branding visuals. Make sure it arouses interest in your target audience.

Another way of using your LinkedIn page to generate leads is to post updates regularly. This is good way to keep your audience up to date with your events.

Make sure your updates are engaging by posting content that is entertaining, educational and informative. In short, it should provide value to your followers.

Checkout Salesforce LinkedIn company page:

LinkedIn for B2B

2. Publish Posts on LinkedIn Publishing Platform

To further increase your LinkedIn for B2B success, make time to publish long posts on LinkedIn’s Publishing platform. This gives you a chance to express your interests and expertise.

LinkedIn posts are shared with your followers and connections and can be searched on and off LinkedIn. This gives you more visibility. LinkedIn publishing is also a great way of repurposing old content.

LinkedIn for B2B

3. Join and Create groups

Joining LinkedIn Groups is a wonderful way to connect and link up with other companies in the same industry as you as well as connecting with other communities that offer value to your business.

Even so, you might find an opportunity to create your own group based on a gap observed from other groups. Having your own group gives you the advantage of directing what the group is all about. It also gives a platform for your target audience to engage and interact.

Avoid making the group all about sales, rather, keep an authoritative position and you are good to go.

GE Heathcare has a group where they post job opportunities available at the company and other related news.

LinkedIn for B2B

4. Use LinkedIn advanced search tool

Even as you generate leads with your company page in the hope that people will log onto your website, you need to search for your prospects. Thanks to advanced search tool, LinkedIn for B2B marketing becomes easier.

The tool may not search for networks on the whole platform but will do so among your networks. Hence, having a great number of networks on the platform will increase your chances of finding prospects that will be beneficial to your company.

Once you find potential customers, reach out to them on LinkedIn by inviting them to connect with you. You can also joining a relevant group they’re a member of and interact with them on the group. Also, you could reach out to them by commenting on one of their posts published on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn for B2B

Once you find prospective leads on your search results, save the searches. LinkedIn will then use the saved searches to send you weekly emails with more prospects that fit your search criteria.

5. Introduce yourself through direct messages

For those leads that you feel confident that they might be of great use to your company, reach out to them through direct messages.

Before you reach out, do a bit of research to know more about them. You can do this by running a Google search, Twitter search or checking out their websites. Use the information you find to break the ice.

When sending direct messages, introduce yourself and get straight to the point of why you’re contacting them. Personalize your message and avoid hard selling. Remember, you want to initiate a relationship, don’t repel them by selling to them in your first email. You might just get yourself blocked and reported as spam.

6. Listen to your audience

If you’re truly interested in succeeding in using LinkedIn for B2B, avoid using the platform as a tool to only give out information, you will end up with very few fans.

You need to also listen to what your audience has to say about your company and its products or services. This is what is commonly referred to as social listening. Knowing what others are saying about your company online, gives you a chance to know how to proceed with your marketing efforts.

You may realise that people are actually not saying anything about you. This gives you a cue to increase your brand awareness efforts. In other cases people may be complaining about your services. This calls for increase customer satisfaction efforts.

Social media marketing is not just about selling your products and services but it is also a tool to find out what people know about your company and how much they know.

7. Respond to your audience

Companies lose a lot when they don’t respond to the audience’s questions. As you listen, respond to what you can in a calm tone even if it’s a nasty comment or an insult.

Social media gives people the advantage of anonymity and they can say all manner of things because they are ‘invisible’ so to speak.

Have someone respond to all comments or questions in a manner that is civil and authoritative. In the event that some people may want to find out more about your company, give them a phone number or an email via which the conversation may continue.

LinkedIn for B2B works differently for each company. For optimal success find strategies that work in the now and follow the above steps to make your LinkedIn for B2B experience better.

Check out my 31 day challenge to improve your LinkedIn marketing efforts for simple improvements that you can make every day for a month for better results.

What tips work for you on LinkedIn for your company? Share with us in the comment section below.