LinkedIn for Dummies: How to Stay Active and Create Connections


Have you just started using LinkedIn to market yourself and your business and want to expand your LinkedIn connections?

Having quality connections helps position you as an expert in your field improving your LinkedIn marketing and lead generation exponentially.

Staying active on LinkedIn is one of the best ways to grow your connections and make the best out of this fast growing platform.

Here’s all you need to know on how to stay active on the site as well as how to create valuable connections.

1. Frequently Update your Status

Consistency in updating your status is the first step in making sure people know about you. But it’s not just about updating your status; but rather, about giving value to your connections.

By posting a status frequently and consistently, you get more visibility because you’ll be more active than others on the network. It takes time and effort to stay active but it’s all worth it if you want to develop new introductions, rewarding business relationships and opportunities.

2. Participate in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are the best bet in increasing engagement on the platform. There are thousands of LinkedIn groups that you can join but always give preference to those related to your area of expertise and relevant to your business.

You can use the search feature to find relevant groups, view suggestions of ‘Groups you may like’ or you could ask your connections to recommend the groups they belong to.

If you have little experience in participating in the variety of groups available on LinkedIn, you can start by listening and then steadily contributing to the discussions going on.

Groups are important because they provide an opportunity for you to directly interact with the members of the group and consequently create valuable connections. Once you get the hang of it, you can start your own group for your business.

LinkedIn for Dummies

3. Feedback is Everything

Directly asking for feedback from your audience can help increase your LinkedIn engagement. It may be a new product, a new strategy or particular issues, whatever the case, do not shy away from asking for feedback from your audience of course in a clever manner.

Additionally, give feedback when required. One of the easiest ways to kill your LinkedIn buzz is by ignoring questions from the audience. You may even set a particular time of the day for giving responses to any questions or queries that the audience may have to make things easier for you. In the process, you may learn a thing or two from the audience that may benefit your business.

4. Post on LinkedIn Publishing

To push your content further, use LinkedIn Publishing to publish thought leadership articles. This gives you a chance to make your professional voice heard and to build trust among your connections.

Three of your published posts will be displayed at the top of your profile page giving you more exposure.

Using LinkedIn Publishing is pretty easy and the formatting techniques are quite similar to those of WordPress.

LinkedIn for Dummies

5. Always be on the Lookout for New Connections

LinkedIn has the ‘people you may know’ feature which gives you a list of connection opportunities. It is important for you to review the list and narrow down who you would like to be connected to. The next step would be to send a

The next step would be to send a personalized invitation for a possible connection. Additionally, the ‘alumni’ feature helps you to narrow your list geographically. The two features are powerful ways to increase your

The two features are powerful ways to increase your followers, therefore, growing your LinkedIn influence.

6. Add Your LinkedIn URL to Your Email Signature

Attract more connections by targeting your email list. Whenever you send out an email, give the receiver a chance to connect with you on LinkedIn by adding your LinkedIn URL to your email signature.

Constant engagement on any social network, LinkedIn included, is a powerful tool to build lasting business relationships. Just remember that you have to take the lead by staying active!

Are you actively using LinkedIn to market yourself and your business? What strategies have worked best for you? Share with us in the comments.