31 Day Challenge To Improve Your LinkedIn Marketing Efforts

With access to millions of invaluable connections, LinkedIn marketing is a force to reckon with. LinkedIn is perfect for connecting with new customers and clients, marketing your business and networking with your industry’s leaders.

Most businesses are unfortunately under utilizing the platform despite the high marketing potential it has. LinkedIn can be extremely powerful if you fully understand all the platform’s features and give them all the attention they deserve.

As 2016 begins, I challenge you to take this 31 day challenge to boost your LinkedIn marketing efforts and see your business earn a real ROI from marketing efforts.

Just do one thing every day, for 31 days, and you’re bound to notice your LinkedIn network and business leads grow in 2016.

Day 1. Spruce up Personal Profile

The first thing you should do is to update your profile. From the time you created your LinkedIn profile, you will realize that a lot has changed and updates have been introduced on the platform that you might have missed. So go through your profile and ensure that it is complete. If you have made any recent achievements, remember to add them.

Day 2. Add/ Improve Profile Photo

Your profile will be incomplete if you do not have a profile photo so make sure you upload a good photo that makes you look like a professional. Remember to use your real photo and not that of celebrities, your children, pets or abstract objects.

Day 3. Customize your Profile URL

As you continue to improve your profile, make your Linked profile easier to find and share by customizing your profile URL. Instead of a the standard URL with confusing numbers at the end, add something that is easy to understand. Your full name is a perfect option. The option to do this appears directly above your public profile settings.

linkedin marketing

linkedin marketing

Day 4. Add Work Samples

Showcase your skills and expertise by adding videos, images, documents, links and presentations to the Summary, Education and Experience sections of your LinkedIn profile. This enables you to better optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Day 5. Post Updates

This is one of LinkedIn’s most ignored feature yet it is a major LinkedIn marketing strategy. To stay relevant and increase your connections on LinkedIn, it is important to use your personal profile to post updates that are relevant and useful to your audience.

Day 6. Cross Promote Updates

linkedin marketing

Day 7. Request Recommendations

LinkedIn allows you to get recommendations from other LinkedIn members as a way of commending a job well done. Send out requests to colleagues, business partners or clients to recommend you for jobs you’ve worked on with/for them. Recommendations are important because they add value to your skills and expertise.

Day 8. Grow Connections & Develop Relationships

The success of your LinkedIn marketing effort depends on how well you are able to build influence on LinkedIn. The best way to build influence is by developing real relationships with your connections. Nurturing relationships with your connections increases your chances for getting clients or leads.

Day 9. Recommend Others

Besides asking people to recommend you, it is also polite to recommend people whose work you can vouch for without them asking you. Just as getting recommendations improves your profile, recommending others also goes a long way to help increase their online reputation.

Day 10. Endorse your Connections’ Top Skills

Endorsing your connections’ top skills is a great way of nurturing relationships on LinkedIn. By doing so you will be adding value to other users’ experiences and chances are they will endorse your skills as well.  Endorsements are great because they highlight individuals’ top skills and expertise to their own networks.

linkedin marketing

Day 11. Tag Your Connections in Posts

To increase your post reach, tag your connections in your posts by adding the @ sign before their profile name. This ensures that the tagged members see your post. The tagged members get an email notifying them that they’ve been tagged and the email includes a link back to the tagged post.

Day 12.  Add Advanced Applications Relevant to LinkedIn Marketing Efforts

LinkedIn has a number of applications that assist members to promote their businesses and personal work better.  The applications span all industries and they will help you get your message across better and improve the overall success of your LinkedIn profile.  To find relevant applications, go to the applications section on your profile and make the most out of the ones that come out in the future.

Day 13. Post and Reply to Comments

Another great way of interacting with your connections is by posting comments on members’ posts and by encouraging connections to comment on your updates. When you get comments ensure that you reply in a professional manner even when the comments are negative.

Day 14. Ask Questions

Asking questions is a perfect way of encouraging members to comment on your updates. Most members will be happy to share their knowledge and will therefore take interest in updates that ask questions. Do not forget to participate in other members questions as well.

Day 15. Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups is one of the platform’s best features for promoting yourself and your business. There are thousands of LinkedIn groups that you can join. The trick to making groups work, is to join relevant groups with top influencers in your industry as members. You can join as many groups as you want, there is no limit.

Day 16. Participate in Group Discussions

Group discussions are useful in establishing thought leadership and to emphasis your authority in a particular area. When connections identify you as an authority they trust your capabilities more increasing your chances of getting business leads.

linkedin marketing

Day 17. Create/ Improve Company Page

A well done LinkedIn profile goes a long way in making your LinkedIn marketing efforts fruitful. However, a LinkedIn Company Page magnifies the profile’s success. If you do not have a company page, create one and if you already have one, ensure that all details are filled up and it is up to date.

Day 18. Spruce up Your LinkedIn Marketing Visuals

When you create your company page ensure that you add distinctive and eye-catching visuals for your company profile photo (best to use your company logo) and cover/background image. You can change these LinkedIn marketing visuals every few weeks or so to increase their impact.

Day 19. Work on Your Company Description

Google will preview about 150 characters of your Company Page description text. It is therefore important to ensure that your company description is concise and engaging and has the right keywords that represent your business. Company description is another factor that will influence your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Day 20. Add Keywords

Company Pages are SEO friendly and therefore any LinkedIn marketing content that you add on your company page should have about 3-4 well targeted SEO keywords. Keywords are important because they make it easy to find your business online.

Day 21. Add Products and Service Descriptions

Add a tab on your Company Page dedicated to promoting your products and services. Use this tab to provide more detailed descriptions of your products and services. Do not forget to provide links that direct members to each service or product page on your website.

Day 22. Showcase your Brand

LinkedIn has another feature known as Showcase Pages. Showcase Pages are an extension of the Product/Service tab. You can use a Showcase Page to further promote and individual product/service, a line of products/services or an initiative.  To create a Showcase Page, go to the Home page on your Company Page, click on the ‘Edit’ menu then select ‘Create a Showcase Page’.

linkedin marketing

Here’s an example of Showcase Pages by KLM:

linkedin marketing

Day 23. Add Career Opportunities

LinkedIn is one of the most popular platforms for top talent looking for the best employment opportunities. If you have any positions you need to fill, use the Careers section on LinkedIn to promote the positions until the posts are filled. You can then hide a position once you’ve hired the right candidates.

Day 24. Invite Employees to Company page

The more followers your Company Page has, the more leads you are likely to generate. One of the best ways to increase followers, is through your employees. Share your Company Page link with your employees and them to follow if they wish to. Also encourage them to comment or like anything that they find of interest to publicize your page further. To ensure authenticity, do not force employees to follow your page, let them do so out of will.

Day 25. Customize Your Websites

If you have a business website promote your LinkedIn presence and grow your professional network by adding a LinkedIn follow button that links to your public LinkedIn page so that you can gain more followers through your website traffic.

Day 26. Publish Content

LinkedIn is popular for the authoritative content shared by professions from all industries. Increase your LinkedIn influence by publishing content using LinkedIn Publishing Platform. The platform is very easy to use and you will be able to find your way around easily. To use the platform, click on the ‘Interest’ menu, click on ‘Pulse’ and then click on ‘Publish a post’. Remember to publish content that is professional, useful and knowledge impacting content.

linkedin marketing

Day 27. Export connections

Take your relationship with LinkedIn connections further by adding them to your offline contact management system. You can easily do this by exporting your connections. To export connections, click on ‘Connections’ menu, then on the ‘Settings’ icon at the top right and finally click ‘Export LinkedIn Connections’ under Advanced Settings on the right.

linkedin marketing

linkedin marketing

Day 28. Start your Own Group

At this point you should have a good understanding of how the platform works and you can make use of the Groups feature even better by creating your own group. Groups attract thousands of industry-relevant users, making it possible to showcase your business value to thousands of members in a beneficial way. When you start a group ensure that it is fulfilling a need for your target audience.

Day 29. Email your LinkedIn Group

One of the added advantages of running a LinkedIn Group is that you can email your group members once a week. These emails are delivered as LinkedIn Announcements, directly to the email inboxes of group members.

Day 30. Experiment with Sponsored Updates

LinkedIn advertising is gaining momentum and it presents a good opportunity to increase the reach of your content as well as to publicize your business and it products and services. It is good to try out LinkedIn advertising starting with a small budget just to experiment and see how well it works for your business.

Day 31. Use LinkedIn Analytics

Every effort should be measured to be able to tell the level of success. The same applies to LinkedIn marketing. LinkedIn Analytics feature helps in two ways:

  • To understand your LinkedIn audience through information about their demographics, geographical location, gender, age, interests, industry and so on.
  • To understand the performance of your content through number of leads generated, purchases, website/blog traffic, new followers etc.

Being active on LinkedIn is the perfect way to step up your business game. With these 31 easy daily tasks you will get so much more out of the platform.

Are you up for the challenge? Let us know how it goes!