LinkedIn Networking: How To Create and Manage Professional Relationships Online


LinkedIn has become one of the world’s largest platforms connecting millions of professionals. Through LinkedIn networking, professionals are now building online relationships that are transforming business success.

Building and managing LinkedIn connections appropriately will highly determine how successful your efforts in building your business on the network will be.

In today’s article, I share with you tips for successful networking that will help you manage your professional reputation on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn networking

Connect with Relevant People Only

LinkedIn networking allows you to connect with so many people on the platform. The more connections you have, the more popular your profile will be. However, this doesn’t mean that you should connect with just anyone for the sake of having a huge following.

The quality of your connections will always tramp their quantity. Networking with people who will not be of benefit to you and your business will not bring you any success.

Focus on  building trustworthy and respectful relationships that will lead to successful careers and businesses for BOTH parties.

Personalize Your Connection Requests

It’s common practice to use the default connection request message when sending a request to connect with someone on LinkedIn. However, begin building a relationship with a potential connection right from the start by personalizing each connection request.

A personal request will build trust and will make the other person want to get to know you right off the bat because you’ve made them feel that they are important enough to warrant a personalized request.

Introduce Yourself

Once someone has accepted your connection request, thank them and then take this chance to introduce yourself. Even though they may be an old friend or colleague, it’s always important to let new connections know who you are and what you’re currently up to.

Stay Up-to-Date with your Connections’ Activities

The notification tab lets you stay up-to-date with your connections’ milestones. Some could be celebrating a birthday, others might have started a new job while others are celebrating a promotion or a work anniversary.

Take time to send a congratulatory message. Your connections will certainly appreciate the gesture and will keep you top of their minds. Use the opportunity to catch up on business and other related topics.

LinkedIn networking

Provide Professional Leads

One of the best ways to solidify a professional relationship is to offer value to your connections. Someone might accept to connect with you on LinkedIn but what will keep them interested in staying in touch? It’s the value they find in connecting with you.

Share thought leadership content that will be useful to your connections and that will set you apart as an expert in your area of practice. By doing so, people will trust you enough to seek your help of opinion on important matters.

LinkedIn Networking via Groups

LinkedIn groups is one of the most useful tools when it comes to LinkedIn networking.  Most valuable connections are made via groups. Join and participate in relevant LinkedIn groups regularly to build trust with members of the groups.

Take a look at the top contributors in your group and see if there’s anyone you’d love to connect with and send them a request. You can also connect with people you interact with most in these groups as they clearly have an interest in what you have to say.

Start your own LinkedIn Group

You can go a step further and start your own group. Ensure that your group will be useful and offer something that’s not already being offered. In other words, it must offer value to members.

Grow your group membership by actively sharing posts and engaging with members by answering questions they post.

Running your own group is way tougher than simply participating in an existing group. However, if you do it right, having your own group may be of greater value in building and managing LinkedIn relationships.

In conclusion, LinkedIn has many features that make it easy to stay in touch with friends, colleagues and even meet new new people. It’s a great platform to exchange ideas, help others and get help.

You must however, use the platform effectively if you want to get the full benefits of networking on LinkedIn.

Are you networking on LinkedIn? What tips do you have for creating better professional relationships? Do let us know in the comments section.