3 LinkedIn Profile Tips To Make a Great First Impression On New Leads

There is no question that LinkedIn is the number one social network to create and maintain professional relationships. But is your LinkedIn profile making the right first impression on those who view your profile for the first time?

Your personal LinkedIn profile can be very useful to make connections that may help you get a better job, generate leads for an event or simply establilsh better business relationships.

These are my top 3 tips LinkedIn profile tips on how to use your personal profile to impress and connect better with prospective leads.

1. Become Easy To Find

Your LinkedIn profile should be working for you even when you’re not online. To do this, you have to optimize your profile with the right keywords in such a way that it is easily found online. The keywords you use should be ones your potential clients are likely to use when searching for someone with the products or services you provide.

Using the right keywords that describe your areas of specialization, is a crucial aspect of getting your LinkedIn profile noticed. Include keywords in:

  • The summary section

  • The headline (This appears in Google searches so make it count)

  • In your job title (You have a 100 characters, use them!)

Be sure to read my blog post on how to get your LinkedIn profile noticed with keyword optimization and more.

2. Maximize Your Endorsements

LinkedIn endorsements are an excellent way to add credibility to your profile. But it’s important to get endorsed for the right skills as well.

Click on Edit Profile and scroll down to the Skills and Endorsements section of your profile.

You can add up to 50 skills to your profile so go ahead and add anything you feel is relevant to you.

Be sure to check ‘Include me in endorsement suggestions to my connections’ as this will ensure you appear in front of your connections when they hit the endorsement button.


The skills you become most endorsed for will start to appear at the top of the list.


LinkedIn will send you notifications when you receive endorsements from your contacts.

When your profile is heavily endorsed for certain skills, recruiters or other leads definitely start to pay attention and take you more seriously.

So, for example if you apply for a job that requires social media marketing skills and your connections have endorsed you for this skill heavily, it’s likely the recruiter or the prospective employer will pay attention to this.

3. Keep Your Profile Up to Date

If your professional role involves generating leads for company products and events, you should definitely be keeping your profile up to date with the latest happenings.

So, for example if you have an event coming up for your business/ company. You could update the ‘Projects’ section of your profile with all the details about the upcoming event.

Write about what the event is, and what attendees can hope to gain from the event. Most importantly, be sure to include a link that directs anyone interested, to a page that lets them register for the event.

As you engage across LinkedIn (remember what I said about participating in LinkedIn groups, here?), people are likely to come to your profile to learn more about you and they will see the details about your event and register if they’re interested.

There are several ways to use your LinkedIn profile to make better connections. These are my top 3 LinkedIn profile tips as I have found most people can easily and immediately implement these.

Have you made these changes to your profile? Do you think it had a positive effect? Let me know!