LinkedIn Tutorial: Use Visuals To Showcase Your Professional Expertise

You really don’t need me to tell you this but I will anyway – human beings respond better to visuals than they do to text. Just look at how much we all love Instagram. And wouldn’t you much rather look at an infograph over hundreds of words of text?

So keeping this in mind, it should come as no surprise that I’m telling you that good visuals are an essential part of your LinkedIn profile. Simply put – they help you stand out from the hundreds of others text-heavy, LinkedIn profiles.

Here’s a mini-LinkedIn tutorial on how to make use of visuals on your profile.

1. Your Profile Photo

You MUST have a profile photo on your Linkedin profile. There are no two ways about it.

A good profile photo definitely makes your LinkedIn profile more appealing and will get people to pay attention to your LinkedIn profile.

Choose a clear, well-lit profile photo. If it’s possible, get a professional photographer to take a headshot. Just make sure the photo is about you looking your professional best, minus any distractions (no family and pets in the photo!)

Sean Parker is doing it right with his choice of profile photo. It wouldn’t hurt to throw a smile in as well šŸ˜‰


2. Corporate Logos

Are you making the most of the companies and brands you’ve worked with? Corporate logos can be very eye catching and are very recognizable.

Add your employers (previous and current) in properly to make sure their logos show up on your profile. Note: logos will only show if your employers have an existing LinkedIn company page.

While Marissa Meyers doesn’t go into much detail about her various professional roles over the years, her list of employers definitely make you pay attention.


3. Your Endorsements

The professional endorsements you received on your profile are a good way to prove others believe you have skills in certain areas. Your endorsements show up on your profile along with a thumbnail photo of the people who have endorsed you. More endorsements = more photos.

Those who view your profile for the first time, are definitely visually attracted when they see a profile that has a lot of endorsements.

Randi Zuckerberg‘s endorsements are definitely looking good on LinkedIn.


I definitely believe in getting out there and actively seeking out endorsementsĀ from your LinkedIn connections.

4. Publishing on LinkedIn

If you like to write/ blog, LinkedIn publisher is a great way to broadcast your thoughts to your professional connections. When people view your profile, your posts show up at the top of your profile.

As an example, this is how it looks on LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner‘s profile:


5. Rich Media Content

LinkedIn is all about telling your professional story, so I highly recommend telling your story in the most visual way possible.

So, when you write about your professional experience on LinkedIn, don’t just tell – show. By this I mean, illustrate your story better by adding inĀ images, links, videos, infographics, presentations and more.

Check out the slideshow below to see how good LinkedIn profiles can look when you add visual content to them.

Adding new rich content to your profile is super easy. Just click on Edit Profile and you will see the toolbar below appear in various sections of your profile.


Add in any content that you feel might be relevant to illustrating your professional experience better.

This is what Mari Smith’s LinkedIn summary looks like with a whole bunch of rich media content.


What do you think about my tips on making your LinkedIn profile more visually appealing? Is there anything else you would add? Let me know!Ā