Pinterest For Non Profits: Do You Really Need ANOTHER Social Media Channel?

Pinterest for non profits acts as a powerful extension of your organization through photos, videos, infographics and other visuals to show your audience more about your goals.

Pinterest connects people all over the world through shared interests. As a non profit, you can use this platform to connect people based on their social passions.

If you don’t already know, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that allows you to “pin” websites and images that excite you like and you’d like to refer back to later. It allows you to curate your images, videos and websites in organised boards.


Getting Started

Getting started on Pinterest can be quick and easy. The trick is to create a Pinterest page that lets your organization stand out from the many existing Pinterest accounts. When creating your Pinterest account, get started with a business account instead of a personal account. Once you create your account, make sure you verify your website to show your credibility as a source of information.

Describe Your Organization

When writing your About section provide relevant information about your non profit such as where you’re based, your website and most importantly what you do. Your visitors should be able to immediately understand what your charity is about from your profile.

Operation Smile has a very concise and to the point description that immediately tells you what the non profit does.

Pinterest for non profits

Create Your Boards

The next step in setting up your Pinterest account is creating your boards. Your creativity is required in this step. Boards are useful for organizing your pins (images) according to interest categories.

Create boards that reflect categories that your potential audience are more likely to be interested in when browsing for content. Before you create boards for your account, do some research on popular Pinterest topics and look for areas that will work for your non profit.

Name your board using names that are relevant and easy to understand. Your boar titles should be specific and unique so people are able to understand exactly what you have to offer from the board title. The more unique your board titles are the more likely you will stand out.
Pinterest for non profits

The National Wildlife Federation has 37 boards that cove popular topics on Pinterest such as cute animals, amazing wildlife photography, DIY and crafting, and educational activities, among others.

Pinterest for non profits

Best Practices When Using Pinterest for Non Profits

1. Build Your Brand Identity Using eye-catching Visuals

Pinterest runs purely on visuals. Most people will click on a pin simply because it looks cool and arouses their curiosity. When it comes to pinning an image or videos, people will do so if the pin appeals to their sense of identity and represents their interests.

Your organization should do the same and use Pinterest to build its identity through interesting visuals that tell what your non profit stands for. Let your visuals tell the values your organization project through its work. Your visuals should give people a fuller picture of your identity as a non profit.

Pinterest for non profits

The P.INK Foundation uses Pinterest as its main website and uses consistent branding and relevant pins to talk about it’s work.

2. Evoke Participation Through Emotive Visuals

When using Pinterest for non profits, reach out to your audience’s emotions and make people feel compelled to get involved in your work. You can achieve this by pinning compelling images that will make people care about what you do.

Some of the content that you can share include videos and photos of volunteers participating in your charitable events, statistics about why your cause is important, quotes about giving back to the community and helping those in need and so on.

Jolkona has a board dedicated to photos and videos from its various events in a bid to show its supporters the impact they are making.

Pinterest for non profits

3. Drive Traffic to Your Business

Most organizations use popular social media platforms to engage their audiences and to drive traffic to the organization’s website. Pinterest has been ranked as the second largest social media source of website traffic. This alone is a good reason why your non profit should be using Pinterest.

To drive more traffic to your website be thoughtful and strategic in your pinning. Remember the more you share the more shares you’ll get and consequently more website traffic.

4. Fundraise on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great platform to raise funds for your cause. Studies have found that most women make a purchase based on a recommendation they saw on Pinterest than any other social media network.

Pinterest therefore holds huge potential for raising money. There are several approaches that you could use to raise money on Pinterest. You can hold an auction or sell a fundraising item on. To do this simply add a dollar sign ($) with the price amount in the description section of your pin. Pinterest will automatically add a grey banner in the top-left corner of the image displaying the cost of the item on sale.

Another approach is to share your fundraising campaigns on Pinterest. Another subtle way of fundraising is by appreciating your current and past supporters who have contributed to your fundraising events in one way or another. This will make them donate in future and will also encourage others to do so.

Charity: water has a Creative Fundraising board where it highlights its fundraising events.

Pinterest for non profits

5. Show Some Humor

It’s good to let loose once in a while to give a human face to your organization. Use Pinterest to share humorous memes, favorite quotes and sayings and don’t forget to share photos of your volunteers on a fun field trip. Humor is a great way to show your followers the fun side of your non profit.

6. Celebrate Your Supporters

Supporters are very important to a non profit. Show your appreciation to your supporters by sharing stories about them. Let your audience know what your supporters have done for your organization and don’t forget to mention what they do. Share the love and pin their posts as well.

The ASPCA uses Pinterest for non profits as a way to thank its sponsors through a dedicated board.

Pinterest for non profits

You cannot ignore the power that Pinterest for non profits holds in building relationships and driving traffic to your website. If you haven’t already, it’s time to create and account, share some catchy visuals and follow some great pinners. Happy pinning!

Have any more questions about using Pinterest for your non profit? Leave me a comment if you’d like to start a discussion.