Blog Titles: Your Guide To SEO Friendly Blog Headlines

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If you’re writing a blog post, your number one priority should always be to appeal to your readers. The content of your post, including the headline should engage your audience. But, does this mean you forget about SEO completely?


SEO is not a dirty word. You can prime your post to be search engine friendly without being shady.

Not sure how to do this? This is the process I follow to create interesting, engaging SEO friendly blog post headlines on my site.

How To Write An SEO Optimized Blog Title

Step 1: Write The Post

Don’t get stuck on writing a good headline without even writing the content of your post. First things first – write your blog post.

Once you’ve written your blog post, you know exactly what your blog post is about and this will put you in a better position to write a headline that is descriptive, catchy and attractive to search engines.

Step 2: Pick Strong Keywords

What is your blog post about? If you had to pick a few topics or key phrases that would describe your blog post – what would they be?

Let’s use this current post as an example. Some of the key phrases I considered for this post include:

  • Blog titles
  • Blog headlines
  • How to write a headline
  • Blog headlines

The keywords you pick must be:

  • Relevant to your post
  • Phrases your audience is likely to search for
  • Short and descriptive

Step 3: Keyword Research

I wanted to make sure my headline was definitely using keywords that my intended audience would search for. So I decided to do some keyword research.

First things first, I head to to do my basic research. I simply typed in my various key phrase choices to see if the results were relevant to my post.

This is a sample of the results. As you can see, they were vey relevant so I was happy with my choice of keywords.

seo blog titles


Please note: this is not an effective method of carrying out keyword research but in fact, it’s more to just make sure you’re on the right track.

To get an idea of how much volume my selected keywords were getting, I decided to use the Adwords Keyword Planning Tool. This showed me the volume of some of the keywords I had picked:

blog titles seo

Search volume for keywords

I decided to go with “blog titles” as my main keyword based on the volume.

Step 4: Write Multiple Headlines

Once I’d decided on a keyword, it was time to actually write the headline. I like to write down multiple headlines as a way of brainstorming.

For example:

  1. How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Titles
  2. Blog Titles: Your Guide To SEO Friendly Blog Headlines
  3. 5 Steps To Writing An SEO Friendly Blog Title
  4. SEO Friendly Blog Title Writing Tips

In the end, as you can see, I decided on headline no. 2. This was mainly for 2 reasons:

  • The keyword was at the beginning of the headline (blog titles)
  • I had also managed to use “blog headlines” in the title (another relevant keyword)

Step 5: Change Your Permalink

Like me, most of you are probably using WordPress to manage your blog. WordPress allows you to change your permalink/ slug URL. This is simply the actual URL for your blog post.


The bit you are free to edit is the bit after:

You will want to edit this permalink (you’ll see it at the top of your post, right underneath your blog title).

blog titles permalink

Your permalink :

  • Should contain your keyword
  • Be short (3 to 5 words)
  • Be descriptive and relevant to your post
  • Can be different to your actual blog title

Click ok to save and you’re ready to hit Publish on your blog post.

Final Tips On Writing An SEO Friendly Blog Title

Before you go, I just wanted to quickly remind you that while making our blog titles SEO friendly is very important, it’s equally important to have headlines that are appealing for your readers.

When writing for SEO, don’t sacrifice the human angle. Whatever your headline, make sure it’s interesting and relevant enough for your human audience to want to click through and read more of your blog post.

Believe it or not, this human angle will also have an impact on your SEO. If more and more people click through to my site because they find my post is relevant to their search about “blog titles” then Google will also see my post is relevant.

So, to write a really good blog post title, make sure it uses the right keywords but also make sure it is human friendly.

Would you add any other tips? How do you make your blog post titles search engine AND human friendly? Let me know your thoughts.