25 Social Good Hashtags For Your Next Non Profit Campaign

Social good hashtags are gaining more popularity on social media. Charities and non profits that are using such hashtags are able to communicate much better with their audiences.

It may have started on Twitter, but more and more social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest have embraced the use of the hashtags.

Social good hashtags have three main benefits:

  • reaching a wider audience
  • making you part of online conversations
  • the ability to see what other people are talking about

The task then is to find out which hashtag fits your charity.

I did the research (to save you the time) and the following are the top 25 social good hashtags that your non profit can use for your social media marketing strategy. Needless to say, don’t use all 25 – just the ones that are relevant.

25 Social Good Hashtags and How to Use Them

1. #volunteer

You can use this hashtag to appreciate your top volunteers. Tag them in photos or videos that they appear in and include the hashtag.

You can also use it to call people to join your charity as a volunteer as you can see this post by Environmental Justice Foundation.

social good hashtags

2. #donate

This is among the top social good hashtags used when calling on people to support non profits financially.

It may also be used when seeking for assistance of any other kind besides money as you can see on this Center for Biological Diversity tweet.

social good hashtags

3. #activism

There are many people on various social media sites who use this hashtag to protest against something or advocate for it. Your charity can use this hashtag when participating in such conversations especially if the subject is of interest to your organization.

4. #dogood

This is a relatively new social good hashtag that most non profits are yet to discover its importance. Use it when you want to showcase the good that your charity has done in society.

5. #nonprofit

This is a versatile hashtag that can be used in any type of content concerning the not for profit sector.

6. #causes

This hashtag can be used by charities for a variety of reasons.  It can be used to call people to join your cause. You can also use this hashtag to share your success stories as well as giving announcements to your audience.

7. #charity

Charities use this hashtag when giving their audience information about themselves. It can also be used to focus on other non profit organizations that your organization supports.

In this Instagram post, United World Charity has used a host of social good hashtags including #charity.

social good hashtags

8. #philanthropy

Similar to #causes, this hashtag can be used by charities to give general information about their non profit organizations.

9. #change

You can use this hashtag to draw people to what you intend to change and how you intend to do it. You may also use it to show the successful changes you have been able to effect.

10. #fundraising

#Fundraising is used to inform your audience about upcoming fundraising events or sharing success stories of such past events. It can also be used to appreciate your donors and supporters.

11. #socialgood

This is a popular hashtag that you can use to discuss any topic related to social good, preferably, the social good that your non profit has participated in.

12. #charitytuesday

This is yet another popular social good hashtag used by charities to talk about their work. This hashtag is popular on Twitter and is used on Tuesdays when people discuss charities and charity work. Here’s an example tweet by Refugee Action.

social good hashtags

13. #socent

This hashtag is perfect when discussing issues about social entrepreneurship.

14. #csr

This hashtag is used to discuss sustainability and responsibility of corporations to the society at large. Use this hashtag to talk about your corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities as you can see from this Facebook post by Clean the World.

social good hashtags

15. #aid

Non profits use this hashtag to highlight financial or humanitarian aid.

16. #foundation

This hashtag is great when you’re discussing news about foundations.

17. #changemakers

This hashtag is good when discussing social change activities and the organizations or people bringing the change. Use this hashtag to create discussions about making changes in the world.

18. #humanrights

Used to discuss human rights or oppressive actions happening around the world.

19. #poverty

Make use of this hashtag when discussing issues regarding poverty.

20. #sustainability

Use this hashtag to talk about topics related to sustainability. UN Environment does a good job with this hashtag.

social good hashtags

21. #green

This hashtag is popular among organizations and individuals in the green movement and those involved in environmentalism.

22. #climate

This hashtag is good when discussing issues related to climate change and global warming.

23. #disasterandrelief

If you get involved in helping those affected by catastrophic events, this is a great hashtag to use when talking about your disaster management efforts.

24. #FollowFriday or #FF

This a general hashtag used by most organizations on Twitter and could also work well for your non profit. Use this hashtag to point out who you think people should be following. You can use this hashtag to show appreciation to your donors, volunteers and supporters.

25. #nptech

Use this hashtag to showcase non profits that use technology. This could be your organization or others that you support.

How to Find the Right Social Good Hashtags

Want to do your own hashtag research? Start by searching on social media. If a hashtag is not popular, it might not be useful to your organization as it won’t have much visibility.

Sites such as hashtags.org , RiteTag and What The Hashtag are perfect when you want to see how certain hashtags have been trending over time. The sites will show you how many times a hashtag is used on average per day giving you an idea on how well or bad the hashtag is likely to perform.

How to Create Your Own Hashtag for a Campaign

Creating a winning hashtag is quite easy. The trick is to make it relevant to your organization and your cause.

  • Keep your hashtag short especially if you’re going to use them as part of your Twitter marketing campaign. Character length on Twitter is important because you don’t want your social good hashtags to be too long because people will not share your tweets.
  • Another thing to take into account when creating your hashtags is spelling. Ensure that your hashtags are spelled in a manner that is easy to understand and remember.

Here’s a good example of a custom social good hashtag by Create The Good.

social good hashtags

Social good hashtags are great for creating awareness, involving donors, responding to questions and comments. Research how various social good hashtags are received and pick those that will help your organization achieve your goals.

There you have it. 25 social good hashtags to get you started. If you’re not quite sure what hashtags do (on Twitter and elsewhere), don’t know which ones to use – I hope you found this list useful.

Do you have some more hashtags that we can add to our list? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.