Does your Nonprofit Need a Social Media Brand Ambassador?

social media brand ambassador

Some call them brand ambassadors while others refer to them as influencers, but no matter the term, a social media brand ambassador is an integral part of a nonprofit’s marketing strategy.

Why? Because most nonprofit organizations usually don’t have large budgets to run a huge marketing campaign. Getting some help to push your message out is always welcome.

 social media brand ambassador

A social media brand ambassador can help your charity reach a wider audience through their networks without necessarily having to spend huge amounts of money.

Let’s take a look at what a social media ambassador is and why your charity needs one.

What are Social Media Ambassadors?

Social media ambassadors are the people at the forefront of your cause. These are your number one champions who will always take up an opportunity to get involved in your cause.

A social media ambassador is a person who will tell their friends and family about the work your organization does without any hesitation.

Reach out to such individuals using a well thought out social media ambassador program to help you increase your reach, credibility, engagement and end goal.

social media brand ambassador

LymePowerOfUs campaign uses The Social Ambassador Program as a key part of getting the word out and increasing awareness of the Lyme disease epidemic.

Who Are Your Social Media Brand Ambassadors?

Sometimes social media brand ambassadors will not be obvious to you and therefore you may easily overlook them. Some of your charity’s social media ambassadors will include:

  • Social media fans
  • Volunteers
  • Staff members, both past and current
  • Sponsors
  • Board members
  • Supporters
  • Donors
  • Government leaders
  • Celebrities
  • Beneficiaries among others.

Why Does Your Nonprofit Need a Social Media Brand Ambassador?

1. They ARE Ready to get involved

Most social media brand ambassadors will need no motivation to get involved with your charity. As long as you are running a cause that they also support, their passion will be their greatest motivation.

This kind of passion will make them do their best to get their friends and family involved as well. Passionate ambassadors will be great in advancing your cause and will help you achieve your overall goal.

In one of it’s campaigns dubbed Staring With the Stars, used various celebrities to help fight and creat anxiety awareness.

social media brand ambassador


When you have passionate ambassadors on board, you will not need to spend a lot of resources in advertising. Through their advocacy, ambassadors also help you reach more people within a much shorter time.

The value of organic engagement achieved through peer to peer sharing of your campaigns is much more than that achieved through ad campaigns. Loyal brand ambassadors are more likely to support your mission through social sharing.

3. they come with different realms OF INFLUENCE

Your ambassadors come with various networks where they have various levels of influence. The best part about using ambassadors for your organization is that you get access to these networks that would otherwise be harder to reach.

Social media ambassadors also have the ability to increase awareness about your organization’s activities to new supporters and even donors.

social media brand ambassador

Malaria No More work with influential figures such as celebrities, business leaders and media partners as champions of the cause to keep the malaria fight on track.

4. they will help build your charity’s CREDIBILITY

Social media ambassadors give your charity an added level of credibility through their driven passion. When people see that these ambassadors believe in your organization, they will trust their opinions overs the ads that you may be running.

Because ambassadors project a real connection to your organization’s activities, their networks will also want to be part of you because they will also feel some level of trust towards your work.

No matter what your charity’s social media goal is, adding brand ambassadors to your marketing strategy will improve your efforts and ultimately help you achieve your goal. Yes, it’s time to start recruiting your social media ambassadors!

Got any more tips on how a nonprofit can benefit from social media ambassadors? Please let me know!