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Apr 03, 2016

Buzzsumo Tutorial: How To Use Buzzsumo For Content Marketing

buzzsumo tutorial

A Buzzsumo tutorial? But what even is Buzzsumo and why do you need it?

Let me explain.

Content is still king and when it comes to content marketing you better have the best performing content. To be a winner in the content marketing game, your content has to have the ability to go viral. Only good and relevant content goes viral.

So how do you know how your content is performing? Using content analysis tools such as Buzzsumo is a good way to go. Buzzsumo is perfect for tracking your content performance and for gauging your content success against competition.

In case you haven’t used Buzzsumo before, my Buzzsumo tutorial will help you understand how to make the best of this tool (one of my favorites) to market your content better.

buzzsumo tutorial

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