Twitter Marketing Tips for Beginners

Twitter marketing has become one of the best ways for many companies to increase their marketing return. With 320 million active monthly users, Twitter is a marketing force to reckon with.

So how do you get started with marketing your business on Twitter?

To get started, all it takes is a Twitter handle (sort of a profile name), a profile photo, a bio and you’re good to send your first tweet!

Once you’re set up, you can start thinking about your Twitter marketing strategy. And that’s what I’m here to help you with today.

Now, you’ve probably seen a lot of marketing advice out there and Twitter may seem overwhelming as a result. But it’s really not. Just focus on what you need to know to get started right now. The advanced strategies can wait for later.

As a beginner what do you need to do to get the best out of your Twitter account?

Let’s take a look at some Twitter marketing tips that can serve as the perfect launch pad for you. 


Why Does your Business Need Twitter?

A business Twitter account is an important social media asset. Here are some reasons why:

  • To share relevant company and industry information and content with your followers.
  • To promote your brand.
  • To drive engagement, especially for your promotional activities.
  • For effective networking opportunities.
  • To interact with potential customers.
  • To manage your company reputation.

How to Leverage Twitter Marketing for Best Results

Here are my top 10 Twitter marketing tips for beginners like you.

1. Spruce up Your Twitter Account

The first step? Begin by giving your profile some attention.

Whether you are just starting out on Twitter or are restarting a Twitter account hat has been dormant for a while – an account cleanup is an important step.

Your Twitter Handle

The most important thing about a Twitter account is to have a handle that represents your company/brand. This could either be your actual company name or something that corresponds with it.

Your Twitter Bio

Your bio is also important because it tells your followers what you are all about. So make sure you have a descriptive bio that introduces you (and your company) to people and will attract more high quality followers.

Your Cover Photo

Pick your cover photo carefully. You want an image that gives your brand some life. A photo that is inviting and tells your story in a captivating graphical way.

Your Profile Photo

Never leave your profile photo (referred to as avatar) empty. Nobody trusts an account with a Twitter egg for a profile photo. A good image to start with, would be your company logo.

Check out how striking Canva‘s Twitter images are. The cover image creatively explains in simple terms what Canva is all about.

Twitter marketing

2. Create a Twitter Content Strategy

When creating content for your Twitter account it is important that you plan ahead. A content strategy is a handy way of planning ahead. Ensure that your Twitter content strategy outlines what you want to tweet and when you want to do it.

A Twitter content strategy enables you to set your tweeting goals and evaluate whether they are viable. A few of the goals you could consider are:

  • Build a high quality following
  • Build or improve your brand’s reputation
  • Provide customer support
  • Generate leads
  • Transfer traffic to your website
  • Network with your industry’s top influencers

I’ll go into more detail about the content strategy in an upcoming post.

3. Create a Twitter Schedule with Set Milestones

Once you have created a content strategy that includes your goals, you need something to help you achieve your goals within a set time frame. This is where a Twitter Content Schedule comes in handy.

The Content Schedule should also indicate when each tweet will be sent out. This could be daily, several times daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. Use your Twitter schedule to ensure you stick to your set posting schedule.

4. Incorporate a Content Scheduler

It is important that you remain consistent in the way you tweet. This means that if you decide to do two posts every day, you should stick to that routine. This can sometimes be hectic or even impossible if you choose to tweet directly.

A good way to ensure that you keep up with your schedule is to use a social media management tool and schedule your posts before hand. This saves you time and gives you a chance to do something else.

One of the best content schedulers that I would recommend is definitely Buffer. With Buffer, you can create a bunch of content that you want to tweet and add it all to a queue so that it can be sent out at preset times throughout the day.

Twitter marketing

Again, I’m taking you through the basics now but I will do a post soon where I talk about my favorite Twitter tools.

5. Go Through your Twitter Stream Regularly

It’s important that once in a while, preferably once a day, to check out your twitter timeline to know what is going on and to also engage with ongoing conversations. You can add this task to your calendar to ensure you don’t forget to do it.

6. Find Valuable Followers

Having tons of followers on Twitter will not guarantee you success. What is important is the value of your followers. That said, do not follow people for the sake of it but because they have potential to help you meet your Twitter goals.

A good way to find valuable followers is through the Social Rank tool that shows you the value of your followers. The tool ranks followers by Most Engaged, Most Valuable, and Overall Best.

The tool also tells you the influence, follower count, content and engagement of your followers.

7. Follow Valuable Connections Using Lists

When you start out on Twitter you will likely want to follow people with reckless abandon. Even though this is good for building a sense of community and engagement, not everyone you follow will be good for your Twitter marketing end goal.

The perfect way to follow the most valuable people is through the use of Twitter lists. Lists add real value to your account.

Another way of ensuring you only follow people that add value to your marketing efforts is by staying on top of your list of followers and a unfollow as needed. Consider unfollowing inactive accounts or those that don’t follow you back.

8. Use Hashtags

One of the key benefits of hashtags is that it increases the potential of your tweet to be seen by more Twitter users even those who do not follow you. Every time a user searches for a hashtag or keyword on Twitter, all tweets with that hashtag will show up, whether that person follows you or not.

The only way that hashtags will work is if you use the most appropriate ones for your business and fans. Use sites such as and RiteTag to find the most valuable hashtags.

Twitter marketing

9. Use Advanced Search

Even though the default Twitter search box is efficient, you will often find yourself drowning in the wide assortment of results. Twitter Advanced Search filters the results allowing you to get specific results of what you need.

You can access Advanced Search from any search results page. You can also customize the results based on hashtags, language, location, and so on.

Twitter marketing

10. Increase Engagement by Responding to Users

When using Twitter it is important that you interact with your connections often and be human and not act like a business, but like a person. Tweet content that gives your brand a human voice and which your connections can relate with.

You could use humor, interactive media such as memes and funny videos or share inspiring content such as positive news, compelling statistics, or an inspiring quote. This will make your connections want to engage with you and this will give you the chance to build lasting relationships.

This tweet by Greenpeace USA is a perfect example of how to be human on Twitter.

Twitter marketing

Another good way of engaging with people on Twitter is by responding to their retweets, mentions or when they favorite one of your tweets, even if it is with a simple ‘thank you’.

So there you go. If you’re just getting started with Twitter marketing , this is my advice for you. Set up your Twitter account and get started with the above and I’ll be back soon with another post to help you go even further.

Do you have any fantastic Twitter marketing tips that have made a difference for your business? I’d love to hear them!