Twitter Polls: How to Use Them for Your Business

Have you seen or heard about Twitter polls?

Twitter polls are the new kid on the block! People love being asked for their opinions, and Twitter polls are a great way to help you ask your followers what they think.

I think this is a great way for brands to collect data from followers, while increasing Twitter engagement.

In today’s article we explore what Twitter polls are and how to best utilize them to deliver marketing results.

twitter polls

What are Twitter Polls and How Do They Work?

Twitter polls were recently made available to all twitter users and companies now have a measurable way of collecting opinions on Twitter. With Twitter polls, it is now very easy to understand what excites your followers so that you can continue giving them just that.

Twitter polls are also a quick and easy way to know what is trending among your followers.

For your business, this feature can help you know which of your products is mostly preferred helping you to determine which product needs more marketing attention.

Important details to keep in mind about twitter polls:

  1. You are allowed up to 116 characters in your poll question, and up to 20 characters in each poll option.

  2. Polls are limited to a maximum of four possible responses.

  3. The polls show the total number of followers who took part in the voting and the percentage of those who voted for each option.

  4. All twitter polls are anonymous. The identity of those who take part in a twitter poll is kept private.

  5. Polls last for a period of 24 hours and indicate how much time is left for voting.

  6. Polls are public but to see the real time data of the voting, a user is required to vote first.

  7. Any user on twitter can take part in the polls. However, the number of times a user can vote is limited to one. The user is also given a notification at the end of the poll in case he/she wants to view the results.

  8. The creator of the poll cannot vote in his own poll.

Now that you have some information on what twitter polls are, this next section helps your business find out how exactly they work.

Twitter polls can be executed in one of the following ways:

1. This or that polls

This is an approach that can be used in many different ways. It can be used to find out your users’ opinion on what your business could introduce.

It could also be used as a way to compare two different products or services or just a fun way to engage your audience.

This poll by Stephen Colbert was excuted cleverly!

twitter polls

2. Yes or no polls

This approach is more specific as it provides a platform to know who are for or against your question in your poll.

This is a perfect example of a Yes or No poll by Nieman Lab.

twitter polls

3. What do you think Polls

This approach is a bit different from the others as it provides a variety of your audiences responses. This may also require a higher level of involvement than the rest.

With these type of polls all you need to ask your followers is what they think of something and give 2 or 4 options to pick from.

How to Create Twitter Polls

Creating a twitter poll is very easy. All you need is to do is click on ‘Tweet’ then click on the poll icon at the bottom of the tweet box and you are set to go.

Write a tweet explaining what you want users on twitter to vote for, tap the poll option and fill in the voting options, that’s all!

Twitter polls

It is important to remember that the voting can only be done over a period of 24 hours. Hence, make the poll tweet as interesting as possible and retweet it as many times as possible.

How to Use Twitter Polls to Increase Engagement

Polls on twitter are great for increasing engagement on Twitter. Here’s how to maximize your engagement using Twitter polls.

1. Ask for predictions

There can be a variety of predictions that can be made on twitter via twitter polls. This is a way that encourages and builds conversation and in turn increases engagement on tTwitter. It is also a fun way to engage with your followers especially

2. Request for product/Service feedback

You can use polls to get some insight on how your followers view your products or services. Product feedback polls will not necessary help your company make drastic decisions about your products but they will give you information from your users that may be useful to improve your marketing.

McDonald’s makes great use of product feedback polls in this poll to find out their most popular orders.

twitter polls

3. React to real-time events

Twitter is an amazing tool that is used for real time coverage of events. Take advantage of this and throw in a poll on twitter just to find out what your audience thinks about a relevant ongoing event. The number of people watching or taking part in the event will respond to your tweet and increase engagement.

4. Gather opinions for industry News

Polls are a quick way to get opinions from your audience on certain issues. The results from these polls can form a basis for several blog posts covering the issues you polled about on twitter.

5. Promote your brand in a fun way

For better engagement don’t promote your brand directly, instead create polls that use topics that are relevant to your brand that will make your audience think about your products or services.

This poll by AirBnB was meant to get their audience thinking about holiday plans, and how AirBnB can fulful such desires. Good example of subtle self-promotion.

twitter polls

6. Respond to what you post

Respond, respond, respond. Feedback is a must if you want to increase engagement with your audience. Respond to any questions from your followers and other twitter users in good time.

Most Popular Twitter Polls

The most popular twitter polls are those that:

  • Contain highly charged opinions with two sides on both extremes.
  • Based on trendy topics that everyone is talking about.
  • New, simple to understand and interesting.

Twitter polls are a welcome addition, and when used correctly, they can greatly improve your Twitter marketing by boosting engagement. This is because it’s much more engaging to read a question and tick an answer than to fill in a feedback form.

What’s your view on Twitter polls? Will you use them? Let us know in the comments below.