My Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Pinterest for Your Business

Now that you know how easy it is to get up and running on Pinterest, you obviously want to know why you should Pinterest for business at all. How is this social network going to help your marketing and business goals?

Here are my top five reasons for encouraging businesses to use Pinterest.

#1. Drive More Traffic

Pinterest has become a very reliable source of driving traffic to websites. In fact, according to a report by Shareaholic in 2013 showed that Pinterest experienced massive growth (66%) in sending traffic to websites. Needless to say, in 2015 these stats have increased further.

According to the Pinterest blog,

Within three months of adding the Pin It button to their website, 50,000 recipes were shared on Pinterest, resulting in 139 million impressions of Pins from Since each Pin from links back to the website, the brand saw a dramatic boost in daily social website referrals from Pinterest.

all recipes pinterest for business

#2. Generate More Sales

In May 2015, a Millward Brown survey showed that Pinterest has a huge influence on those considering purchases. It found that most people who Pin have bought something because of Pinterest.

Of the 2000 respondents:

  • 96% have used Pinterest to research and gather information
  • 93% have used Pinterest to plan for purchases
  • 87% have purchased something because of Pinterest
wedding dress planning on pinterest

A wedding dress Pinterest board – perfect for planning

The survey also found that people (especially women and millennials) use Pinterest as a planning tool. This means, Pinterest is increasingly being used as a tool for planning future purchases as well.

#3. Get More Links

As I’m sure many of you know, the number of links you get to your site have a huge effect on the SEO performance of your website.

BHG pinterest for links

Topic boards by Better Homes and Gardens link to content on their website.

When you pin an image from your website, it automatically includes a link. A link to the source of the image. Every time people pin and re-pin your image, it builds links back to your website, which is very beneficial for it.

#4. Curate Content

For most businesses, it’s impossible to continuously put all their efforts into creating new content. Understandably, it’s a time consuming process. This is why it’s important to collect and curate third part content.

Curating interesting and engaging content is a great way to establish your industry authority via social media. Pinterest is one of the best ways of doing this as you can pin a variety of third party content and organize them into boards, as relevant to your brand.

As I mentioned in my first Pinterest article, the social network is a great way to to educate and inform your audience without necessarily having to create 100% original content all the time. See the Lonely Planet example in the article.

DoYouYoga also does a great job of curating content on various yoga-related boards.


#5. Increase Content Longevity

As a content marketer, one of the most frustrating things about creating new content is that it usually has such a short lifespan. On networks like Facebook and Twitter, once you post your content it can easily disappear into an abyss – never to be seen again.

The good thing about Pinterest is that your content has a longer life on there. You could pin a post today, and someone might still find it a year later and repin it, thus adding up your re-pins plus also potentially sending you some new traffic as well.

I searched “social media infographic” on Pinterest and this infograph came up first in the results even though the original post is from 2013. Isn’t that great?

pinterest content longevity

Pinterest has come out of its nascent stage and is dominating the social media landscape as a pretty major player. If you haven’t already started, I highly recommend getting started with your Pinterest strategy.  And if you need any help, feel free to drop me a comment below.