A Blueprint to Write Killer Blog Posts

write blog posts

Are you finding it hard to come up with topics to write about for your blog?

Do you feel you have writer’s block?  Keep reading to learn simple steps that will make great ideas flow and help you write blog posts that get read!

write blog posts

By now, most businesses, large or small, have heard they need to blog to compete.  “Content is King” is the rallying cry across all social media pundits.  So, you have your amazing headline and now you’re ready to write the content.

Or are you?

Man writing on tablet.
Learn how to write killer blog posts.

Sometimes the hardest part is getting started. Just like building a home, you need a blueprint. You plan and then you build. You plan and then you write.  This blueprint will show you how to get prepared before you start writing, give you some helpful tips about how to capture your audience’s attention, and list the tools you need to write killer blog posts.

Write With Passion

Write blog posts about something you’re passionate about.  It’s a lot easier to write about something you love and know.  And write as if you were talking to a great friend that also shares the love of this topic with you.

Build An Outline

Remember how when you were in school, before you wrote a paper, you wrote an outline?  That is a valuable step before writing a blog.  You will also want to write a brief description of what you will be discussing.

Your introductory paragraph should tell your audience what they can expect to read in your content.  Then you’ll have a couple of paragraphs to make your case, and you will want to wrap it up with a conclusion.

When you’re writing your outline, remember you want to provide content that is beneficial for your readers.

  • How will your content help your readers?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Why should they read your content?

It’s okay to go off topic when something brilliant pops into your head. You can organize your content later.

I have found that when I don’t write down the genius ideas I come up with when I’m thinking about them, I don’t remember them later. So let your fingers fly across the keyboard.

Use Images

Find a photograph that relates to your subject. You can take the photo yourself, find one on a free site or buy one. You cannot copy a photo from a website or Google images, though, as those images may be copyrighted.

The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words still holds true. Capture your audience’s attention with a photograph that is related to your blog post, and put it at the beginning of the content.

Use Eye-Catching Words

Inject color into your writing; grab your reader’s attention by using compelling words.

Here are some examples:

The new basketball training video is affordable and guaranteed to send your game into the stratosphere.

The applause after Mr. Job’s presentation was deafening.

The method used to develop this new drug is breakthrough technology that will…

Bottom line, if you don’t write content people will want to read, they’ll leave.

It’s crucial to engage your readers in your headline and the first paragraph of your copy.

Some more examples:

DANGER: Grooming your own pet can result in serious damage.

The dynamics of how to throw a three pointer can be described as  . . .

Use these steps to write a brilliant blog post. It’s easy!

Write Blogs That Hit Home

There are many things that drive people. Here are just a few:

If you can write your content that hits on one (or more) of these points, personal or business, and you’ll have a blog people will want to read.

  • Survival
  • Success
  • Extending life
  • Enjoying life
  • Being accepted in society or social approval
  • Enjoying food and drinks
  • Having a life without pain, danger and fear
  • Comfortable living conditions

Does your blog post relate to one of these topics that hit home?

A blogger writing a post about a wicker furniture set might write a blog post like this:

Imagine relaxing in this wicker furniture set on your patio after a long, grueling day of work. You kick your feet up on the ottoman, you’ve got your favorite beverage in your hand and breath a deep sigh of contentment as you watch the bright sun set behind the mountains.

This post hits on enjoyment of life by creating a visual (of possibly using your product or service). The reader can see herself sitting on the wicker furniture after a long day at the office.

Does your topic relate to what drives people? It probably does.

If you’re blogging about basketball, you can write a blog post that will help someone get better at basketball (success and being accepted in society).

  • Learn how to make those three pointers in less than two weeks.
    Imagine what your friends will think when you’re sinking shots, making great
    lay-ups and dribbling around them like they’re standing still.

Pull The Trigger

Did you know that words trigger a rational or emotional response?  They do.  So use emotional words when you’re writing. You can do this by leveraging words that are processed by the left side of the brain. That’s because the left side of the brain processes rational words, unlike the right side of your brain which triggers or processes emotional phrases and words.

Here are some examples of emotional and rational words: (These differences are so subtle, I’m not sure anyone will get the examples)

Rational: She’s so attractive I can’t take my eyes off her.

Emotional: She’s so good looking I can’t take my eyes off her.

Here’s another one.

Rational: He was courageous when he ran into that burning building.

Emotional: He was brave when he ran into that burning building.

Rational: Purchase this product today and you’ll make a million dollars by the end of the year.

Emotional: Buy this product today . . .

Use words that trigger emotional responses. It works.

Write A Compelling Conclusion

Writing a brilliant conclusion is easy.  Here are two simple steps:

  1. Copy your blog post and put it in a notepad or print it.
  2. Summarize what you wrote, pointing out how your brilliant blog will help your readers.

When you follow this blueprint, you will write killer blog posts.  And it will be easy!  With a great headline, an outline, eye-catching words and photos, you’ll have a great blog post in no time.

Before you know it, your audience will bookmark your site, subscribe to your RSS feed and will eagerly await your next blog post.

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