5 Best Social Media Marketing Agencies in Akron

Looking to elevate your brand’s online presence in Akron? You’re in luck. Our team of experts has poured hundreds of hours into researching the most proficient social media marketing agencies in town. We’ve combed through client testimonials, portfolios, and success rates to bring you the cream of the crop.

We know how vital a strong social media strategy is for your business’s growth. That’s why we’ve meticulously selected agencies that not only understand the Akron market but also have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results. Get ready to transform your social media game with the best local experts by your side.


Metisentry logo

When you’re scouring the landscape for a standout social media marketing agency in Akron, Metisentry emerges as a compelling choice. Located at 17 S. Main St., #201, Akron, OH 44308, this agency has been a beacon for businesses striving to navigate the digital terrain since 2006.

Your search for an agency that’s adept at crafting personalized websites, ads, and corporate identities that resonate with your audience ends here. Metisentry isn’t just another agency; they are strategists who pride themselves on data-driven outcomes. They bring to the table comprehensive services including e-commerce marketing, conversion rate optimization, content creation, copywriting, and website management. This means you’re not just getting your social media handled but also a robust online presence meticulously tuned for conversion and engagement.

Partnering with Metisentry means aligning your brand with a company that’s collaborated with names like Yantra, Smart Yoda, Rohrer, and Manhattan Associates. These partnerships are a testament to their ability to scale operations and tailor campaigns that are as unique as the businesses they represent.

What truly sets them apart is their commitment to not only strategize but also execute marketing plans that are grounded in thorough analysis. This ensures that every move you make is informed and intentional, positioning your Akron-based business for measurable growth. Whether you’re looking to refine your online identity or turbocharge your sales through ecommerce marketing, Metisentry’s history of working with notable clients such as Intergraph and AdWriter bolsters their reputation as a savvy navigator in the digital sphere. Their dynamic approach could be precisely what you need to revitalize your brand’s online footprint and solidify your spot in the marketplace. With Metisentry’s team on your side, the potential for brand upliftment and achieving your business objectives is substantially magnified.

Website: https://metisentry.com/

Mosaic eMarketing

Mosaic eMarketing logo

When exploring the social media marketing landscape in Akron, Mosaic eMarketing emerges as a top contender. Nestled in Hudson, at 72 Village Way Suite 2C, Mosaic eMarketing extends its expert services to a clientele that spans not only Akron but also reaches global proportions. Striving to propel both businesses and non-profit organizations forward, this agency has tailored its services to the modern needs of digital branding and audience engagement.

Catering to Your Brand’s Uniqueness

Understanding the necessity of a unique digital footprint, Mosaic eMarketing specializes in the creation of custom content. They work closely with you to craft images and videos that resonate with your brand’s identity and appeal to your target audience. With such personalized attention, your social media presence is designed to stand out in the crowded digital space.

Multi-Platform Mastery

Engaging with audiences across a variety of platforms is essential for a robust social media strategy. Mosaic eMarketing has demonstrated proficiency in placing ads across a spectrum of channels, including the visually-driven Instagram, the business-centric LinkedIn, and the emerging favorite, TikTok. Their certified status as a Facebook Marketing Partner further reinforces their expertise and commitment to excellence in social media advertising.

Remarketing: Reconnect and Convert

Remarketing remains a critical component of a comprehensive social media approach. Mosaic eMarketing doesn’t just aim to attract new prospects; they excel at re-engaging those who’ve shown prior interest. By setting up strategic remarketing campaigns, the agency helps you reconnect with individuals who have previously interacted with your website—boosting the likelihood of conversion and reinforcing brand recall. By partnering with Mosaic eMarketing, you’re investing in an agency that’s adept at navigating the intricate tapestry of social media marketing. Their knack for creating bespoke content and their prowess in ad placement across various platforms can help bolster your online presence and drive tangible business results.

Website: https://mosaicemarketing.com/

Market Me 24/7

Market Me 24/7 logo

When exploring Akron’s top social media marketing agencies, Market Me 24/7 stands out for its commitment to amplifying your business’s online presence. Located at 1145 Highbrook St, this agency isn’t just about posting updates; it’s about crafting campaigns that resonate with your target audience. Their service lineup is a robust mix, including:

  • Innovative marketing campaigns
  • Website development
  • Graphic design
  • Comprehensive social media management

What sets Market Me 24/7 apart is their specialized photography services. Your brand’s visual impact is crucial, and with their product photoshoots, editing, and even aerial filming, your content won’t just say something – it’ll show it with a punch.

With a keen eye on the local market, Market Me 24/7 understands the Akron area’s unique vibe and how to communicate it. Their marketing efforts are designed to cater to both local sensibilities and broader audiences. Whether you’re a small business starting up or an established entity, their campaigns are tailored to meet various developmental stages and objectives.

Their approach goes beyond traditional marketing. By integrating web and graphic design, Market Me 24/7 ensures that your digital footprint is both attractive and functional, leading to an enhanced user experience. This integration is critical for sustaining engagement and fostering customer loyalty. As for their social media services, they are adept at delivering content that’s relevant and engaging. They understand the importance of creating connections, not just followers. The result? Increased traffic to your site and more importantly, a boost in sales. In modern digital era, an effective social media strategy is vital. With Market Me 24/7, you get a team that’s dedicated to not just meeting but exceeding your digital marketing expectations. They’re all about utilizing innovative techniques to expand your market reach and help you flourish in an ever-competitive online arena.

Website: https://www.marketme247.com/


Innovairre logo

When exploring social media marketing agencies that align with your specific needs, Innovairre demands your attention. Tucked away on West Market Street, this dynamic firm offers tailor-made digital marketing services not just to businesses but to the lifeblood of community support: agencies and nonprofits in Akron. Your search for a partner that understands the complexities of nonprofit marketing ends here. Innovairre’s skilled team ensures that your organization’s voice is amplified through carefully crafted social media and email campaigns. Their expertise extends to creating high-conversion landing pages and state-of-the-art app development. These tools are crucial in capturing your audience’s attention and driving both engagement and donations.

Driving a Higher ROI: Innovairre’s strategies are finely tuned to elevate customer engagement and maximize return on investment. This is particularly vital for nonprofits where every dollar counts, ensuring that resources are leveraged for the greatest impact.

Diverse Clientele: Recognizing the unique needs your business has, Innovairre boasts a rich portfolio of clients, including medical research centers, disaster relief organizations, healthcare providers, and even retail stores. Their broad range of experience allows them to craft specialized marketing solutions that resonate across industries.

Client TypesServices Offered
Medical researchSocial media marketing
Disaster relief facilitiesEmail marketing
Healthcare and insurance firmsMarketing landing pages
Publishing companiesApp development
Retail storesPrint production
Donation processing
Campaign planning

Innovairre champions the importance of community-oriented marketing as a supporter of the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers. Their commitment goes beyond the digital realm, offering tangible solutions like print production and donation processing that are essential for integrated campaigns.

By partnering with Innovairre, you’ll not only leverage their digital prowess but also their expertise in traditional marketing. Their comprehensive services seamlessly link with your overarching campaign goals, forging a path to growth and measurable success in your community initiatives.

Website: https://www.innovairre.com/

Rubber-City Media

Rubber-City Media logo

If your business is on the hunt for a comprehensive partner in brand promotion within Akron, Rubber-City Media should be on your radar. Situated at 896 Valdes Avenue, this agency is a trove of digital marketing solutions tailored for the diverse needs of local enterprises. Their array of services does not just end with social media marketing; they extend to public relations management, website development, event planning, and even fundraising initiatives.

With an acute understanding of the Akron market, Rubber-City Media excels in fostering brand growth. By harnessing tested strategies, their approach is both innovative and reliable, ensuring that your brand’s message isn’t just heard, but it resonates with your target audience. Here’s what makes them stand out:

  • Continuous Workflow Technique: Rubber-City Media has developed an iterative process that aligns closely with customer goals and expectations, constantly adapting to the market’s pulse.
  • Lead Generation on Social Media: Realize your brand’s potential with their strategic focus on generating leads through the power of social platforms. – Explanatory Videos: In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, information is consumed rapidly; Rubber-City Media capitalizes on this by creating concise, engaging videos that explain your product or service effectively.

Beyond their services, Rubber-City Media boasts a 24-hour customer support system. This unceasing availability signifies their dedication to client success, ensuring that your concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently, regardless of the hour. This level of support is testament to their commitment to not just meet, but exceed client expectations.

Whether it’s enhancing your social media presence, revamping your website, or planning a major event, Rubber-City Media’s tools and expertise are poised to amplify your brand’s voice across multiple channels. By partnering with them, you’re ensuring that your brand’s story is not just told, but told well, echoing across the Akron area to captivate your desired audience.

Website: https://rubber-city-media.ueniweb.com/

Things To Consider When Hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency in Akron

When diving into the realm of social media marketing, picking the right agency to steer your online presence is vital. You must consider several factors before signing on the proverbial dotted line. Your brand’s reputation and reach are on the line, so it’s crucial to select an agency that aligns perfectly with your goals and ethos.

Experience and Expertise top the priority list. Agencies like Metisentry and Mosaic eMarketing have stamped their authority in Akron with their proven track records. You’ll want to look closely at what campaigns they’ve run, which sectors they’ve worked in, and the results they’ve driven for their clients. Investigate into their portfolio; high-conversion landing pages, gripping social media campaigns and insightful analytics are telling signs of an agency’s prowess.

Understanding Your Audience is another critical aspect. Innovairre, known for their tailormade services, excels at this. Ensure the agency you opt for has a deep understanding of Akron’s market dynamics and can engage with your local audience on a personal level.

Communication and transparency are non-negotiable. Agencies that offer Continuous Workflow and 24/7 support, similar to Rubber-City Media, ensure that you’re never in the dark about your campaigns. Regular updates and open channels for feedback keep the project aligned with your vision.

Services Offered should match your needs. If raising awareness is your primary goal, focus on firms that demonstrate strength in crafting viral content and managing PR. When lead generation is the target, pinpoint agencies with a knack for creating explanatory videos that can clearly convey your brand message to potential leads. Finally, weigh the Cost Against Benefits. Don’t just opt for the lowest quote; consider the value the agency will add to your business. It’s about finding the right balance between spending and expected returns, ensuring that the partnership drives growth without very costly.

Remember, your choice of agency could be the catalyst for your brand’s success in Akron’s competitive digital landscape. Make sure you’re handing the reins to someone who not only understands the local market but can navigate it with skill and innovation.

Research Methology: How We Review & Rank Social Media Marketing Agencies in Akron

In your quest for the perfect social media marketing partner in Akron, it’s crucial to understand the methodology behind our reviews and rankings. We’ve developed a systematic approach to evaluate each agency’s capabilities and their alignment with your brand’s needs.

Firstly, experience in the field stands as a significant criterion. Agencies with a proven track record in managing diverse social media campaigns ensure that your brand is in capable hands. We thoroughly examine case studies, client testimonials, and portfolio pieces to assess the depth and breadth of every agency’s work.

Next is expertise, specifically in the ever-evolving realm of social media marketing. The best agencies stay ahead of the curve with the latest tools and platforms, boasting a team adept in current trends and techniques. We look at certifications, awards, and industry recognition to gauge an agency’s knowledge and skill level.

Understanding of local audience is another key factor. Agencies that know Akron’s market inside out can tailor strategies to resonate with your target demographic. We analyze how well each agency navigates local trends and speaks to the region-specific consumer base.

Communication and transparency are indispensable for a successful partnership. You need an agency that’s easy to reach and clear about what’s happening with your campaigns. We value agencies that present detailed plans, reports, and are open about their methodologies.

Finally, we consider the balance between cost and benefits. We sift through pricing models and service summaries to determine which agencies provide the most value. It’s important for you to maximize your investment with a social media marketing agency that offers comprehensive services without compromising quality.

By scrutinizing these areas, we compile a list of agencies that not only excel on their own merits but are also the perfect match for your business needs in Akron. Selecting a social media marketing agency is a strategic decision, and we’re here to guide you with a transparent and meticulous review process.


Choosing the right social media marketing agency in Akron can propel your brand to new heights. You’ve discovered some of the best in the business, from Metisentry’s innovative approach to Mosaic eMarketing’s targeted strategies and Market Me 24/7’s robust offerings. Innovairre’s custom digital solutions and Rubber-City Media’s comprehensive services round out a list that offers something for every business need. Remember, the perfect agency understands your goals, knows the local market, communicates clearly, and provides value for your investment. Make your next move with confidence, knowing you’re equipped with the information to select an agency that aligns with your vision and can deliver measurable success.

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