5 Best Social Media Marketing Agencies in Virginia

Navigating the digital landscape can be daunting, but you’re in luck. Our team of experts has spent countless hours sifting through the social media agency scene in Virginia to bring you the cream of the crop. We’ve analyzed their services, client feedback, and overall impact to ensure you get the best partners for your online presence.

You deserve an agency that not only understands the nuances of social media but also aligns with your brand’s voice and goals. That’s why we’ve done the heavy lifting to pinpoint the top five agencies that stand out for their innovative strategies and exceptional results. Get ready to elevate your social media game with a partner that’s a perfect fit for your business.

Two17 Marketing

Marketing Agency | United States | Two17 Marketing

When you’re on the hunt for a social media agency that can catapult your brand to new heights in Virginia Beach, you’ve got to meet Two17 Marketing. These folks aren’t just about posting and hoping for the best; they’re about crafting a social media strategy that resonates with your audience and drives substantial leads to your doorstep. They specialize in both online and traditional solutions, ensuring your brand stands out in every possible way.

Content marketing is another ace up Two17 Marketing’s sleeve. They ace the game with immersive analysis that tailors content perfectly aligned with your brand’s message. You’ll find your brand’s voice not just heard but amplified, reaching the ears of those who matter the most – your target consumers. The content created isn’t just run-of-the-mill; it’s designed to boost brand engagement across a multitude of platforms.

Their renowned Aquarius service takes online presence management to the next level by taking the reins of your social media handles. You’ll witness a surge in consistent, quality content that’s not just engaging but also reflective of your brand’s core values. This social media management facet is pivotal, as it helps in maintaining a cohesive image that fosters trust and loyalty among your followers.

Two17 Marketing’s prowess doesn’t end there; their social media campaigns are meticulously planned and executed to ensure your brand’s message cuts through the noise. Whether it’s social media advertising that you’re looking for or a full-blown campaign that ensnares attention, they have the expertise to deliver measurable results. Don’t be surprised when you see a significant uptick in engagement and leads— that’s just what they do.

In the realm of content creation, expect nothing less than excellence. Two17 Marketing’s creative approach is not just about being seen; it’s about being remembered. With every post, every campaign, they’re telling your brand’s unique story, engaging and expanding your audience one click at a time. Remember, their primary goal is to generate a consistent lead pipeline for you. With Two17 Marketing’s strategies, your brand’s online journey will become a beacon of success, illuminating the path for others to follow.


Carabella Marketing

Carabella Marketing logo

If you’re a Virginia Beach business owner looking to spice up your social media presence, you’ll want to take a closer look at Carabella Marketing. Nestled in the heart of your vibrant community, Carabella is synonymous with inventiveness and engagement in web-based communities. With Santia Tatum at the helm as Creative Director, the agency gets businesses noticed with dazzling content and interactive social media strategies.

At Carabella, the focus is not just on creating content, but on curating experiences that resonate with your target audience. They’ve mastered the art of brand engagement with a spread of services tailored to show off the depth of your brand. From smartly penned articles to compelling motion pictures, your story is told in a way that not only looks good but feels authentic to viewers.

Their toolkit spans beyond content creation into the realms of email outreach and blogging, ensuring you’ve got all bases covered when it comes to digital marketing. Imagine your brand woven into the daily narrative of your customers – that’s the Carabella effect. Not restricting themselves to just one form of media, they’ve got a knack for:

  • Crafting cutting-edge social media strategies
  • Devising targeted social media campaigns
  • Content marketing that captures imaginations
  • Improving online presence management

Past clients, including Simply Elifab and Lauber Dancey PLLC, have experienced the Carabella difference, with noticeable results in consumer interaction and brand visibility. Their work doesn’t just meet expectations; it’s designed to surpass them, threading your brand into the fabric of everyday online interactions.

Whether it’s a startup like First Vibe Visions that’s just getting its feet wet or an established enterprise looking to revamp its digital strategy, Carabella’s personalized approach ensures that your social media advertising efforts don’t go unnoticed. With their expertise, you’re not just updated; you’re upgraded.


DK Digital Strategist

D.K. Digital Strategist | Digital Marketing Hampton Roads

In your search for a reputable social media agency in Virginia, DK Digital Strategist stands out as a distinctive choice. Specializing in amplifying online visibility, this agency has honed the craft of content creation and brand engagement across a myriad of social platforms.

Social Media Strategy at DK Digital Strategist isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. Your business’s unique qualities are woven into a custom approach that resonates with your audience. Professionals at the agency are adept at creating and sustaining an online presence management system that aligns closely with your brand’s voice and goals.

Establishing and managing professional social profiles becomes seamless with DK Digital Strategist’s tailored support. Their expertise extends to a diverse range of platforms including WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn, ensuring that no digital touchpoint is left unoptimized. By integrating robust social media campaigns into your digital brand assets, they create a cohesive narrative that engages and retains customers.

Content marketing takes a front seat as DK Digital Strategist delivers custom content that packs a punch. Whether it’s through eye-catching graphics, compelling text, or interactive media, they know just how to capture the attention of your target demographic. Plus, they don’t just apply their knowledge—they share it with you. Comprehensive training sessions are part of the package, equipping you with the skills to navigate the complexities of social media advertising with confidence.

Experience matters in digital marketing, and DK Digital Strategist brings over six years of it to the table. They’ve successfully deployed projects for notable non-profits like HOPE Foundation Shelter for the Homeless and Life Outreach Ministry, illustrating their ability to tailor strategies to a variety of outreach objectives. Whether it’s growing a start-up or reinvigorating an established enterprise, DK Digital Strategist’s dynamic approach ensures that your social media advertising efforts rise above the noise.


SB Marketing Solutions

SB Marketing Solutions logo

Crafting a social media strategy that resonates with your brand values isn’t always straightforward, but that’s where SB Marketing Solutions steps in. Nestled in the bustling city of Virginia Beach, this agency has carved out a niche in helping small businesses amplify their online presence without sacrificing their core operations. When it comes to establishing your digital footprint, SB Marketing Solutions is a go-to for content creation that engages and retains your target audience.

Their social media campaigns begin with a foundational service tailored for those new to the digital landscape. SB Marketing Solutions helps you launch your business pages across various platforms, ensuring that you’re not just visible but positioned effectively for brand engagement. With their online presence management, you’ll see your business thrust into the spotlight with content that aligns perfectly with your brand’s ethos.

Imagine having a slate of 15 carefully crafted posts each month, all scheduled to hit home with your intended market. That’s exactly what SB Marketing Solutions offers, fostering consistent brand engagement without overwhelming you or your team. What’s more, these services come paired with a comprehensive monthly marketing plan that integrates activities across several channels.

  • Social media page setup
  • 15 monthly posts for consistent engagement
  • Monthly marketing plan encompassing various digital channels
  • Additional services include website updates to keep your content fresh and relevant

With SB Marketing Solutions, you’re not just stepping into the realm of social media advertising; you’re adopting a comprehensive approach that encompasses the full spectrum of content marketing. Whether it’s creating a buzz around your latest offerings or keeping your community connected with your brand, they understand the intricacies of crafting messages that leave a lasting impression on your customers.



Resite | Multifamily Marketing Agency | LinkedIn

When you’re scouting for a social media agency with a rich history in Virginia Beach, Resite stands out as a seasoned player. Celebrating over 20 years of service, this agency brings a wealth of digital marketing expertise to the table, especially for those in the multifamily niche. If your aim is to keep up with competitors or even outdo them, Resite could be your perfect match.

Understanding today’s digital landscape, they use popular social media platforms and Google Ads to skyrocket your brand’s online visibility. But their offerings don’t end there. They’ve harnessed technology to optimize websites professionally, ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve with a user-friendly and high-performing site.

One aspect where Resite truly shines is their innovative tool, CALEB—an automated chatbot that not only conducts real-time analytics but also handles appointment scheduling without a hitch. This level of automation provides a seamless process for both you and your customers, while also gleaning valuable insights into user behavior.

Their team, carrying a combined industry experience of over 45 years, is committed to delivering efficient social media strategies and compelling content creation. Whether it’s refining your brand engagement through meticulously crafted social media campaigns or overseeing your comprehensive online presence management, Resite’s professionals have the know-how to propel your growth.

With Resite, it’s not just about posting content; it’s about creating a narrative that resonates with your audience and establishes a lasting connection. Their holistic approach to content marketing ensures that every tweet, post, and ad contributes to a larger, more impactful social media strategy that aligns with your business goals.


Things To Consider When Hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency in Virginia

Selecting a social media marketing agency that meets your business needs in Virginia can influence how your brand engages with potential customers. Brand engagement is your direct connection to a target audience, and you’ll want to make sure you partner with a team that understands and can enhance that dynamic. Here are key aspects to mull over as you vet potential agencies.

First off, evaluate the agency’s proficiency in developing a versatile social media strategy. A one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it in the dynamic landscape of social media. The strategy needs to be tailored to your audience, leveraging local insights and trends to maximize your reach. Consider asking for case studies or examples of successful campaigns they have managed in the past.

Content creation is another pillar to examine. Content is king on social media – it’s the heartbeat of any campaign. Scrutinize the agency’s content portfolio. Do they have a flair for originality? Can they adapt their tone and style to match your brand’s voice? High-value content that resonates with your audience is non-negotiable for your campaign’s success.

Let’s talk about social media campaigns. These are critical for engaging with your audience, and the right agency should offer innovative campaign ideas that captivate and convert. Analyze the type of campaigns they specialize in, whether it’s organic social media management or focused social media advertising. Effective campaigns should also integrate seamlessly with other aspects of your online presence management, ensuring a consistent brand voice across all digital platforms.

Finally, don’t forget about analytics and reporting. Data-driven insights are invaluable for refining your strategy and proving ROI. Ensure your chosen agency has robust analytical tools and a transparent reporting process that correlates social media metrics with your business goals. By keeping these considerations in mind, you’re positioning yourself for a successful collaboration that should bolster your online presence and enhance your brand’s resonance with consumers across Virginia.

Research Methology: How We Review & Rank Social Media Marketing Agencies in Virginia

When you’re seeking the best social media agencies in Virginia, understanding the review and ranking process can help you make an well-informed choice. Our research methodology is thorough and tailored to identify agencies that excel in social media strategy, content marketing, and brand engagement.

Firstly, we analyze the proficiency of each agency in developing and executing comprehensive social media campaigns. A strong social media presence is essential, so we assess how agencies manage online presence and their ability to adapt to the dynamic nature of social platforms.

We look into their content creation capabilities, as high-quality, relevant content is pivotal in capturing and retaining audience interest. The quality of the content, along with frequency and creativity, are key metrics we evaluate. Another significant aspect we consider is the effectiveness of social media advertising. Agencies that showcase a knack for crafting targeted ads and managing budget efficiently score higher on our scale. The tools and techniques used for measuring the success of campaigns are also crucial. We review the analytical tools an agency uses, ensuring they provide clear, actionable insights into campaign performance. Transparent reporting processes are a must-have, as they help you track progress and ROI.

Finally, we collect and analyze customer testimonials and reviews. These provide first-hand insights into how agencies deliver on their promises and the level of satisfaction they’ve provided to past clients.

Social Media StrategyCritical
Content Marketing and CreationEssential
Brand EngagementHighly Valued
Social Media Campaigns ExecutionImportant
Online Presence ManagementNecessary
Social Media AdvertisingKey Consideration
Analytical Tools & Transparent ReportingNon-Negotiable

To summarize, our research methodology is designed to scrutinize each agency across multiple dimensions to ensure you can trust your chosen agency to elevate your brand’s presence and engage effectively with your target audience.


Choosing the right social media agency is pivotal for your brand’s success in the digital space. You’ve explored some of Virginia’s finest, each offering unique expertise from Two17’s strategic prowess to Carabella’s content mastery, DK Digital’s visibility focus, SB Marketing’s comprehensive approach, and Resite’s niche specialization. Remember, it’s not just about the posts; it’s about the strategy, creativity, and analytics that drive results. Trust in an agency that aligns with your vision and equips you with the tools for digital triumph. Now, you’re well-equipped to partner with an agency that will elevate your online presence and engage your audience like never before.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top social media agencies in Virginia according to the article?

Two17 Marketing and Carabella Marketing are mentioned as top agencies for crafting social media strategies and content marketing, with DK Digital Strategist, SB Marketing Solutions, and Resite also being recognized for their specialized services in Virginia.

What does SB Marketing Solutions offer for small businesses?

SB Marketing Solutions in Virginia Beach provides services like social media page setup, 15 monthly posts, a comprehensive monthly marketing plan, and website updates, focusing on consistent engagement and a comprehensive approach to content marketing.

What niche does Resite specialize in and what services do they offer?

Resite specializes in digital marketing for the multifamily industry and offers services like website optimization, social media and Google Ads management, and an innovative chatbot for real-time analytics and appointment scheduling.

When hiring a social media marketing agency in Virginia, what key aspects should be considered?

Businesses should evaluate the agency’s versatility in creating social media strategies, content creation skills, the types of social media campaigns they specialize in, and the availability of robust analytics tools and transparent reporting.

What criteria were used to review and rank the social media marketing agencies in the article?

The review and ranking criteria included proficiency in developing comprehensive social media campaigns, content creation capabilities, effectiveness of social media advertising, use of analytical tools, and customer testimonials and reviews.

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